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The Republican civil war is still going on. Conservatives are fighting moderates and liberals for the heart and soul of the Republican Party.

While conservatives are used to fighting moderates within the party, conservatives are not used to fighting far left-wing groups in Republican primaries.

In one race, a Republican moderate is getting help from a far left-wing group.

What is the race?

It is the Republican primary for the 4th Congressional District in Kansas. It pits conservative incumbent Rep. Mike Pompeo against very moderate Republican Todd Tiahrt.

Mr. Tiahrt was a careerist congressman until 2010, when he thought he could move up from the House to the Senate. The voters of Kansas wisely told him no.

Now, he wants his old seat back. He doesn’t want his old seat back because Mr. Pompeo is doing a bad job. He wants it back because he wants to be a congressman again. Yes! That is the best reason in the world to vote someone into office. That is because the office is the only thing big enough to contain their massive ego!

Now Mr. Tiahrt is getting help from a far-left group.

The obvious question to ask is why is a far-left group advertising in a Republican primary?

The equally obvious answer is that Mr. Pompeo is fighting against the Obama regime and they know that if Mr. Tiahrt gets back into Congress, he will be another member of the surrender caucus.

>Every Voice Action is running commercials against Mr. Pompeo running up to the Aug. 5 primary.  Mr. Tiahrt has been trying to claim he is a conservative and Mr. Pompeo isn’t, but if that is true, why is this far-left group trying to make sure Mr. Pompeo is not re-elected?

Who is Every Voice Action?

Their contributors include: Thomas Bennigson, 
David Bonderman, 
Common Cause, 
CWA (Communications Works of America), 
Democracy Fund, 
Fund for the Republic, 
Laurie Michaels, 
 (National Education Association), Piper Fund, 
Proteus Fund (which supports same-sex marriage), Deborah Salkind, 
SEIU (Service Employees International Union) and 
Donald Sussmanc.

These are just the donors that have contributed over $20,000.

The national field director for Every Voice Action is a longtime liberal activist who has worked to defeat pro-life Amendments in Florida and Mississippi, as well as leading recall efforts against Republicans in Wisconsin in 2011.

So why are these liberals so interested in defeating Mr. Pompeo in the primary?

Does anyone believe that Moveon.org or the SEIU, the NEA or the CWA are supporting Mr. Tiahrt because he is more conservative?

There really are only two possible answers. The first is Mr. Tiahrt is simply another Republican moderate who won’t stand up to Barack Obama. The other possibility is that these left-wing groups believe Mr. Tiahrt is such a weak candidate that liberal Democrat Perry Schuckman might win. Perhaps both are true.

One thing is certain. Liberals are attacking Mr. Pompeo because he is an effective conservative.

That is a fact the voters of Kansas’ 4th Congressional District should think about as they go to the polls.

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