- - Thursday, June 19, 2014

Tennessee senator, alleged Republican, “Bailout BobCorker is at it again.

Most people don’t remember that it was Bailout Bob who single-handedly resurrected the dead bill that became the horrendous Dodd-Frank law. Mr. Corker is one of those Republicans who loves to use the word conservative as a punchline and tell his voters how conservative he is.

Fortunately for Mr. Corker, truth in advertising laws do not apply to politicians or Corker might be “Bail money Bob.”

America is in the middle of the Great Obama Depression. And Bailout Bob has another one of his brilliant ideas. He wants to raise taxes. Specifically, he wants to raise gasoline taxes to pay for so-called “infrastructure investments.”

Where have we heard this before?

Oh yes, Barack Obama wants to spend even more money on his so-called investments. Wasn’t Solyndra an investment?

Bailout Bob Corker has introduced a bill to raise the federal gas tax by 12 cents a gallon.

Twelve cents isn’t much, is it?

While the numbers vary, depending on who is doing the estimating, a conservative figure is that the average American uses 600 gallons of gas in a year.

That is $72 a year. For a family with two drivers, that is roughly $150 a year in new taxes. Many Americans spend about $150 a week on their groceries.

That is a week’s worth of groceries Bailout Bob wants to take from the pockets and tables of hard working Americans. It is a week’s worth of groceries he wants to take from the 92 million Americans who are out of work, thanks to the policies of Bailout Bob’s golfing buddy President Obama.

Potomac fever has hit Bailout Bob. He now thinks anytime he wants to create a new government spending program, the taxpayers are his ATM.

Here’s a better idea.

If the government is going to spend the money, and that is a big if; instead of taking the money from the tables of real Americans, let’s eliminate wasteful government programs first.

How about ending the Wind Power Production Tax Credit?

This is the subsidy that is given to billionaires so they can build wind farms that don’t produce reliable power.

Mr. Obama wants to renew this tax credit and make it permanent. By making it permanent, the crony liberal billionaires who are feeding at the government trough will never have to ask again. They will just quietly make their fortunes off of the backs of real Americans.

If the Wind Power Production Tax Credit is renewed, experts estimate it will cost $19.3 billion. Instead of renewing this wasteful subsidy, why not eliminate it and half the money from that subsidy can go to these investments and half of the money can be given back to the American people.

The main push for this tax is coming from the asphalt and concrete businesses that want federal spending so they can make money.

Bailout Bob is the poster child for what is wrong with Washington. Real Americans have to worry whether or not they can afford to put gas in their cars, food on their tables and if they can even find a job.

When was the last time Bailout Bob even pumped his own gas?

Bailout Bob is not up for re-election until 2018. But perhaps he should start listening to the voters who put him in office, instead of the lobbyists who get rich by getting Bailout Bob to spend other people’s money.



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