- - Tuesday, December 15, 2015

Leftist Latino leaders announced recently they would attempt to cajole millions of legal Hispanic immigrants in the United States into becoming citizens before the 2016 election in order to swing the tide toward Hillary Rodham Clinton and to punish the Republican Party for its perceived anti-immigrant stance. Of course, the truth is that the GOP is very pro-immigration, as long as it is legal and in the interests of the U.S. That does not matter to America’s new socialist party, the Democrats, where obtaining power trumps (pardon the pun) every other patriotic concern.

Over the last seven years, the Obama administration has attempted to deliver on Barack Obama’s promise to transform America by altering her demographics. Millions of legal immigrants, future Democratic voters, promised free stuff for life, have been brought in by the train load. Millions more illegal aliens have been allowed to penetrate our borders. This has created a backlash among working and middle class Americans of all colors and creeds. The Bush administration was complicit as well in this game to satisfy the needs of American business for low-cost labor, but that achieved nowhere near the success of the Obama administration in altering life in the United States for most Americans.

The Chamber of Commerce likes to say that immigrants take the jobs that Americans won’t do. I say that immigrants take the jobs that Americans won’t do for nothing. The labor market is just that, a market. If companies pay what the market bears, then labor will be found among the 94 million Americans who have left the labor force. The chamber and the Republican establishment know it’s all about cheap labor, not a lack of willing laborers.

Enter the law of unintended consequences — Donald Trump. While the mainstream, Leftist, media wails and gnashes its teeth over The Donald, they are not seeing the forest for the trees. They say that demographics have gone the Democrats’ way. They say that there is no way Mr. Trump can beat Mrs. Clinton in the 2016 general election due to his comments about immigration. The corrupt media gleefully announces for the hundredth time the death of the Republican Party. They spout Hillary’s talking points like only a Kool-Aid drinker can. What they don’t realize, or don’t want to admit, is that huge swaths of previous Democratic voters could vote for Mr. Trump due to his focus on their problems. Immigration is destroying the labor market for many Americans. They want someone who will stand up for their need to put food on the table and send their kids to college through hard work, not some progressive, Leftist, socialist agenda. These are the old Reagan Democrats, and they are coming back in bus loads.

The interesting fact is that this phenomenon will not just be among lower-class white voters. Black, white and Asian will all have a substantial vote in the Trump camp. They are worried about uncontrolled immigration as well. The upcoming elections will be a sea change for American politics. Almost no one can see it coming. When you add safety and national security concerns into this mix, the effect will be exponentially greater. Democrats have forfeited the national security issue under Mr. Obama. It’s Jimmy Carter on steroids.

I recently met an Indian immigrant of seven years who owns several hotels with his family. He told me he is voting for Mr. Trump. “They need to stand in line like the rest of us did,” he said. “The Democrats don’t respect American values.”

I nearly fell out of my chair. Maybe there is hope for the future.

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