- - Friday, January 30, 2015

The Republican Party is once again trading its elephant logo for the new symbol of the Republican Party. That symbol is the freshly laundered white flag of surrender.

The Republican Party should be standing up against the nomination of Loretta Lynch for attorney general.

It is are not.

The best guess is Republicans will fold like a cheap suit and rubberstamp Barack Obama’s latest nominee.

Some Republicans are not opposing Ms. Lynch under the theory it is a relief that she is not nearly as bad of a nominee as others who were under consideration. Many Republicans feared a much worse nominee, such as radical leftist Secretary of Labor Thomas Perez.

Unfortunately for America, Ms. Lynch is not exactly a moderate. She is simply another lawless version of current Attorney General Eric Holder. She and Mr. Holder go back decades. Mr. Holder’s wife is a sorority sister of Ms. Lynch. According to multiple sources, Al Sharpton was the driving force in getting Ms. Lynch the nomination.

If Mr. Sharpton thinks she is a good choice, that alone is reason for the Republicans to put her confirmation vote off until never!

Ms. Lynch’s performance in front of the Senate Judiciary Committee was nothing short of appalling. She said it doesn’t matter how someone came to this nation, they have a right to work. She supports President Obama’s lawless use of executive action and expansion of executive power.

While Mr. Holder has been a cheerleader for the racist war on cops, Ms. Lynch will be just as bad. In a speech a few years ago, she said, “hard on crime,” is just code for being hard on black people. In other words, she will continue to push Mr. Holder’s radical idea that there should be racial preferences in the enforcement of laws and the prosecution of crimes.

On Thursday other witnesses testified before the committee. These include Sharyl Attkisson, formerly of CBS, and Catherine Englebrecht of True the Vote.

In both instances, people who have dared to demand transparency from the Obama Regime have been attacked by the Regime. Among the other things, Ms. Attkisson’s computer was hacked, presumably by the Regime. Ms. Attkisson said something very disturbing. She said, “You and your sources may be subjected to the kind of surveillance devised for enemies of the state.”

Ms. Attkisson investigated both the “Fast and Furious” gun walking scandal as well as the Benghazi attack of Sept. 11, 2012. She demanded transparency from the government and tried to do her job that is protected by the First Amendment.

The Obama Regime made war on her. Perhaps the most disturbing part was the hack on her computer where classified documents were planted on the computer. This was clearly the first step in a criminal prosecution of her for the crime of being a journalist.

Mr. Holder’s Justice Department has done nothing about that and there is absolutely no indication that Ms. Lynch will do anything to change the culture of corruption at the Justice Department.

The Republicans in the Senate need to send a message to the Obama Regime. The U.S. Constitution mandates that presidential appointees receive the “advice and consent” of the Senate before they can take their jobs. That confirmation is not a rubber stamp.

The Department of Justice stonewalls journalists and even members of Congress as they try to find out the truth about what happened in scandals involving the Obama Regime.

There are 23 months left in Mr. Obama’s last term. There is no reason to allow the appointment of another Obama radical to a top position in the U.S. government.

The usual suspects, Sens. Lindsay Graham and Orrin Hatch, are already indicating they will surrender and vote for Ms. Lynch. Mr. Obama could nominate Bernie Madoff and those two would vote for him.

Texas Sen. Ted Cruz called it correctly this week. He said that it was up to Senate Majority Leader Mitch McConnell to decide whether Ms. Lynch’s nomination would even come to the floor.

Conservatives need to melt the phones and tell Mr. McConnell not to bring Ms. Lynch’s nomination to the floor of the Senate for a full vote.

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