- - Monday, October 12, 2015

Russian FSB agents today arrested six Russian citizens at a Moscow apartment who were apparently planning to detonate an explosive device in similar strength to that used in the Ankara bombings. The explosion was to be carried out on Moscow public transportation. Up to a dozen people had been actively visiting the apartment and had been previously trained by ISIS terrorists on Syrian territory.

RT television reports, “An evacuation of the building’s residents was carried out, its gas supply system was switched off and the FSB’s gas-engineering lab arrived at the scene,” the Federal Security Service said. “The reconnaissance revealed [5 kilos] of explosives, produced [from] ammonium nitrate.”

“It was determined that at a certain address in Moscow six to 11 people have occasionally been, some of them had undergone military training in camps of Islamic State terrorists on Syrian territory and arrived in Russia long before the start of Russian military operation in that country,” the press office of Russia’s Federal Security Service told Russian news agencies.

Upon interrogation, Russian officials reported the suspects admitted they had received training and monetary assistance in Syria from the Islamic State of Iraq and Syria (ISIS).

Speculation has risen that Russia may face reprisals from Sunni Muslim groups after the recent Russian assault in Syria began. The campaign seems to be primarily directed at rebels opposing the Assad regime rather than the Islamic State, according to reports from the region.

Saudi Arabia formerly informed Russian officials that they could face consequences from the air and ground assault and said they would beef up supplies to the Syrian resistance fighters in the area. The United States also dropped 50 tons of ammunition and supplies to the so-called moderate Syrian rebels in a change of course from actively training select groups of fighters.

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