- - Tuesday, March 26, 2019

Pathological environmentalism, neo-Marxism, HDTV, media dishonesty and marijuana have created a perfect storm of suicidal energy-policy ideas. “Climate change” has become a false religion, and you cannot argue with religious zealots. Brainwashed Americans protest global warming during record cold and snow, even despite the unprecedented freezing of Niagara Falls two years in a row. There are no more storms than usual, only insignificant, natural fluctuation in storm activity.

Before television, people read about distant storms in newspapers. Today, Americans smoking paranoia-inducing marijuana watch every storm on Earth on giant-screen, 4K televisions. The political comedy team of Ocasio-Cortez and Sanders tells us that if we stop using fossil fuels we will save our children — but children have to eat, and we make fertilizer and food with fossil fuels, not with costly, unreliable, energy-inefficient windmills and solar panels. No fossil fuels means no food, which will cause our children to starve.

There is now solid, easily reproducible, peer-reviewed mathematical proof that so-called “greenhouse gases” do not control Earth temperatures, as previously thought.


Eugene, Ore.

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