- - Friday, May 3, 2019

The left doesn’t want to admit it, however, the more time goes by, the more we need to realize that Barack Obama was an evil president. I say this because it is clear Mr. Obama attempted to destroy the one thing that separates America from most of the world and provides for its overwhelming success — the rule of law.

Mr. Obama used the federal government as a gangster army to attack people he didn’t like, or that stood in his way for the left’s thirst for overwhelming power. He used the agencies of the federal government to spy on its citizens, oppress and intimidate the political opposition, and even manipulate our elections. This will have devastating consequences for generations of Americans to come, for its foundation has been shaken.

In addition, he purposefully weakened our national security, promoted an Islamist political ideology domestically and around the world, and attempted to radically change our demographics by importing millions upon millions of third world citizens that have no intention of believing in the principles America was founded upon.

He hurt us, and we may not recover.

Over the next few months, the truth about Barack Obama and his corrupt administration will be revealed. We will be shocked at how deep the rabbit hole of deceit and criminal behavior actually goes. The media will attempt to spin it of course, but the American people will see through their lies.

The Democratic Party will not recover for a long time.

The Democrats know this, and this is why they are throwing everything they have at Attorney General William Barr, to bring him down before he finds out what really happened and exposes it for the world to see.

Yes, Barack Obama was an evil president.

We may not be able to save America, but we have to try. We have to stand behind President Trump.

I for one believe in miracles.

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