- - Tuesday, October 1, 2019


As an American taxpayer, I’m well beyond fed up with the Democrats’ constant antics to foist one fake scandal after another on the American people — particularly when I believe that they are the ones who have committed all the corruption and crimes.

President Trump said recently: “There’s been tremendous corruption and we’re seeking it, it’s called drain the swamp. … There’s been corruption like you’ve never seen before.”

Unlike the George W. Bush administration, which lay down and allowed the Democrats to savage it during the fake “Bush lied” scandal, I have a strong feeling that this president isn’t going to take the attacks on his election and administration lightly.

In his 2007 book, “Think Big and Kick Ass,” Mr. Trump dedicated a whole chapter to the concept of revenge, stating, “When somebody screws you, screw them back in spades. … Go for the jugular so that people watching will not want to mess with you.”

I predict the Trump administration will get to the bottom of all this corruption — and when the swamp is drained, many big names in this false Russian-collusion narrative will be going to jail. It will be a glorious day for American justice.

As I see it, all this deep-state corruption aimed at short-circuiting Mr. Trump’s goal of making America great again is the political equivalent of the sneak attack on Pearl Harbor. And Mr. Trump will respond with Adm. Isoroku Yamamoto’s warning that “a sleeping giant” has been awoken and is now “filled … with a terrible resolve.”


Medford, N.Y.

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