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Impeachment is a fool’s errand. But the beat goes on — that is, the one determined to beat down Donald Trump.

The transcript, released Wednesday, of President Trump’s phone call with Ukrainian President Volodymyr Zelensky does not support all the pre-transcript release hysteria. There’s no quid pro quo for military hardware, the Department of Justice issued a statement noting that it found nothing illegal in the call, nor is there any campaign violation for that matter. And Joe Biden and his son, Hunter, are referenced 3 times, not the 8 times that were reported by the Wall Street Journal on Friday.

Yes, it does appear that President Trump is seeking help in the ongoing investigation of Russia meddling when he makes a reference to CrowdStrike, a U.S.- based security software vendor that the DNC turned to when it was hacked during the 2016 election. And it’s likely that in the investigation there are details of the Obama administration’s efforts to go after Trump campaign people, notably Paul Manafort. For years, Democrats have harangued Donald Trump and threatened to impeach him for not taking the 2016 meddling more seriously and to fully investigate it. He does. Now they want to impeach him for trying to investigate it. But are Mr. Trump’s queries about all that impeachable? Hardly.

Yes, Mr. Trump does raise questions about Joe Biden’s role in seeking removal of the investigator going after Burisma, a gas company in which Mr. Biden’s son Hunter had large financial interests. That removal may have been warranted. It was even called for by the International Monetary Fund and other countries. But Joe Biden needs to address the conflict, and the Obama administration should not have used him in it.

Anti-Trumpers seized upon the murmurings of a whistleblower/leaker to claim that the commander in chief’s communication with Ukraine’s president constitutes a case of corruption. But behind their scheme is a fear of possible misdeeds by Mr. Biden. First reported by The Wall Street Journal, Democrats charge that in the course of congratulating newly elected Mr. Zelensky during a July 25 phone call, Mr. Trump urged him to investigate Mr. Biden for possible shady interactions while vice president. An unnamed person, purportedly with second-hand knowledge of the conversation, reported it to the U.S. intelligence community’s inspector general. It’s called hearsay in a court of law and scuttlebutt everywhere else. But the Democrats, in thrall to a leftist mob that is now calling the shots in the House of Representatives, think it’s enough for impeachment.

The president has dismissed the charge: “There was no quid pro quo,” he said on the White House lawn Monday. “There was no nothing,” a point The Wall Street Journal article conceded and Ukraine’s foreign minister confirmed. Even the Associated Press, on Wednesday, conceded the same: “Trump appears to stop short in the call of any explicit quid pro quo, such as linking Ukraine’s help to American military aid or other assistance.”

Bizarrely, the president’s adversaries continue to busily shape the narrative to fit the collusion mold they fashioned to promote the now-discredited story in which the president was accused of conspiring with the Kremlin to damage candidate Hillary Clinton’s chances during the 2016 presidential campaign. This time the wronged party, goes the story, is Mr. Biden — another innocent victim of the Trump smear machine.

House Speaker Nancy Pelosi relaunched the impeachment inquiry on Tuesday that Judiciary Committee Chairman Jerrold Nadler initiated two weeks ago. “The actions of the Trump presidency revealed the dishonorable fact of the president’s betrayal of his oath of office, betrayal of our national security, and betrayal of the integrity of our elections,” Mrs. Pelosi said.

Democrats, further, are crying foul, charging that Mr. Trump’s suggestion of misdeeds by Mr. Biden and son are simply an attempt to divert attention from his own. They have it backward, though. The Bidens’ Ukrainian escapades went down in 2016 — three years ago — and were inexcusably ignored. Now that the embarrassing episode has finally come to light, Mr. Biden’s unnerved supporters are scheming to bury the past and sound the Trump-collusion alarm again.

It’s another plot to flip the script and cast the accuser as the accused. Americans have seen this drama before and turned thumbs down. There’s no doubt that Nancy Pelosi is being pulled along by the left’s political lynch mob. She has tried to be the adult in the room, but we fear the dam has broken and Democrats will pursue impeachment, which based on current facts will fail. Their efforts will further undermine Americans’ belief in a system they blame Mr. Trump for ruining.

Pretty ironic.

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