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Joe Biden, the Democrats’ 2020 pick for president, said in his farewell, oops, he meant to say, acceptance speech, that he’s going to restore the “soul of America” if voters elect him this November to the Senate — oops, he meant to say, White House.

Mental acuity aside, the question is: How’s he going to restore a “soul” when his fellow Democrats are busily removing God?

He’s a hoot, that Biden is.

“NEW! Democrats leave out, ‘Under God’ from the Pledge of Allegiance at the #DemocraticNationalConvention Muslim Caucus meeting this week,” CBN’s David Brody tweeted.

Brody went on to write in a piece for CBN that “[s]eparately, at the LGBT Caucus Meeting, Dr. Marisa Richmond, a DNC delegate who identifies as transgender and teaches women’s studies at Middle Tennessee State University, led the Pledge of Allegiance but paused silently in the place of the words, ‘under God.’ She was holding both the American flag and the gay pride flag, which dropped to the floor in the middle of the pledge.”

It’s not as if this were unexpected.

Democrats have a long-running grudge against uttering “God” in public — unless, of course, as an expletive.

In May, 2019, The New York Times wrote this: “‘So Help Me God’ No More: Democrats Give House Traditions a Makeover,” the headline above a story of how the newly seated majority Democrats decided to give the boot to “God” during swearing-in ceremonies.

And in September, 2012, it was more of the same. From The Washington Post: “Democrats under fire for removing ‘God’ from party platform,” the headline blared. That story went on to report how the “word ‘God’ [was] nowhere to be found in the Democratic national platform this year.”

Republicans pounced. And amid political pressures, Democrats “quickly switch[ed] to include ‘God,’ Jerusalem,’” in 2012 platform, ABC News wrote.

But that was all for show. Secretly, silently, quietly, Democrats through the years have harbored a simmering resentment-to-the-point-of-hate against a higher heavenly authority — at least as a party.

“Are Democrats really ‘godless’?” The Washington Post asked in mid-2019.

Yes, yes, Washington Post, yes, they really are. For proof, just ask the souls of about 50 million babies who were aborted in America since 1973 — oh wait, that’s right, the godless don’t believe in souls. Because souls are creations of God.

Yet Biden, leader of the Democratic Party, is going to save the entire “soul” of this country?

Words are meaningless to leftists. They’re just convenient pieces of garble to grab to sell whatever politically expedient bit of nonsense comes to mind in the moment.

Democrats aren’t going to save the soul of anything because Democrats don’t believe in the existence of souls. Biden, as carrier of his party’s key messages ad platform, ought to stick with something his group knows best — like face masks, for example, or maybe brick-throwing — and leave the soul-winning to those who at least believe in God.

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