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The nonprofit money-in-politics tracker OpenSecrets just reported “Democratic mega-donor George Soros is currently the top individual super PAC donor for the 2022 midterm election.”

This is not the least bit surprising.

Democrats can’t win on ideas. So they turn to their cash cows for support. 

George Soros regularly interferes in elections in which he has no personal stake. This is the real tragedy of America’s electoral system: very often, races go to the highest bidder — and too often those highest bidders are far-leftists with beaucoup money bent on destroying American exceptionalism.

“George Soros’ quiet overhaul of the US justice system,” Politico wrote way back in 2016, in a piece about the billionaire’s infusion of $3 million-plus into a handful of local district attorney races in California and elsewhere.

From there, American justice, at least in some cities, has gone utterly out the window. George Gascon, for instance, the district attorney in Los Angeles, was a recipient of more than $2.5 million of Soros money during the 2020 campaign season — and after his win, various types of crime in the city, under his watch, during his legal leadership, simply surged.

“Recently, some cities in L.A. County have become so frustrated with Gascon’s refusal to file charges in low-level cases that they are seeking to reclaim jurisdiction from his office,” The Los Angeles Times wrote in April. “More than 42,000 misdemeanor cases were rejected countywide in 2021. Roughly 12,000 of those were presented by the L.A. County sheriff’s department, and Sheriff Alex Villanueva says the lack of low-level prosecutions is emboldening thieves.”

Of course it is. 

We’ve all seen the videos of bold-faced, mask-wearing thugs in the midst of their smash and grabs at high-end retail spots. We’ve all seen how these thugs have filled shopping bags with their stolen loot while displaying demeanors that are about as calm as can be — about as “come and get me, coppa” in your face dare devil as can be. And why shouldn’t they be?

In December, CBS reported this: “Fourteen people were arrested in connection with 11 brazen robberies between November 18 and 28, but all were released from custody.”

The thugs are simply let go. They know they won’t be prosecuted and jailed; they know they don’t have to fear consequences for their criminal actions. No-bail policies, combined with soft-on-crime prosecutors like Gascon have done their work. 

Soros can check an item of his list of Ways To Crumble America.

Now he’s moving on to the midterms.

So far, OpenSecrets.org reported, Soros has “contributed $126 million of the $155 million angel donors have given to liberal super PACs so far this election cycle.” Specifically, he’s provided $125 million worth of seed money for his Democracy PAC II — a followup to his Democracy PAC, created in 2019 to influence the 2020 election cycle (which it did, to the tune of $81.4 million, OpenSecrets.org reported). According to the FEC, cash on hand for Democracy PAC II current stands at around $114 million. About $4.5 million has already gone out to buy, oops, ahem, make that “support” certain politicians with their certain political endeavors.

A spokesman for Democracy PAC II told OpenSecrets.org that it’s doubtful all $125 million would be spent this cycle. But still. 


The fact is Soros has zero personal stake in most all the elections he buys, oops, ahem, make that “supports.” Does a district attorney for a county in California really have anything to do with Soros’s life in New York City? No. But Soros buys politicians and buys elections because he wants to change the scope of America’s entire governing structure. He wants to shove his progressive and socialist visions down Americans’ throats. 

He’s not the only one. Michael Bloomberg is out there, funneling as much money as he can into causes to curb Second Amendment rights. On the conservative side of things, there’s ULINE founder Richard Uihlein with his millions for super PACs supporting Republican candidates.

It’s Soros, though, that’s leading the “guardian angel” PAC donations pack, though. By far. 

“These angel donors contributed more than 40% of the total raised by a super PAC,” OpenSecrets.org wrote. “In some cases, super PACs are virtually entirely financed by the angel donor.”

For the 2022 midterms, angel donors have tossed $155 million to super PACs supporting liberal causes and candidates versus $118.8 million to their conservative counterparts.

And that’s the tragedy of America’s elections. They’ve not become races not so much of, by and for the people — but rather of, by and for the select wealthy.

Most unfortunately for America, it’s the oft-anti-America Soros who is leading this election charge.

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