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International Leadership Conference 2016: Addressing the critical challenges of our time

International Leadership Conference 2016: Addressing the critical challenges of our time is a Special Report prepared by The Washington Times Advocacy Department, Universal Peace Federation and The Washington Times Foundation.

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ILCs: Building a wide network to solve critical global problems

The International Leadership Conference series, a flagship project of the Universal Peace Federation, serves as a convener of leading stakeholders from throughout the world who are committed to a search for realistic and pragmatic solutions to critical global problems. Drawing on the assets and expertise of people from all sectors — government, civil society, faith-based organizations, academia, the private sector, etc. — the ILC represents a collaborative approach to peace.

21st century peacebuilding

International Leadership Conferences (ILC) have been taking place around the world throughout the past decade to promote peace and human development.

Confronting extremism with wisdom and humanity

My Lords, ladies and gentlemen, good afternoon. The question that we have been asked to address is: What role can religious leaders play in confronting extremism?

Peace can come as 'ancient conflicts' are resolved

Today we are facing a big threat caused by fanaticism and radicalism that should mobilize all the efforts of civil society, religious movements, international institutions, governments and political parties to stop it. But we need to go deeper into the causes of these threats and work very hard to put an end to political repression, while helping to create free societies with decent jobs... If we fail to do this, disruption will keep on causing instability, suffering, poverty, forced migration, refugees and xenophobia.

Climate change threatens island nations

I feel so fortunate today that I may join with my able colleagues from Oceania to elaborate more on the complex issues of climate change, sea-level rise, sustainable economic development, sustainable energy, clean energy, health and education, the high rate of unemployment, youth problems and human trafficking...

An Italian surgeon and an Afghan educator who consistently contributed to a sustainable and enduring international peace were named Tuesday as co-recipients of the 2nd annual Sunhak Peace Price — an international award that includes a cash award of $1 million. Dr. Gino Strada, who has provided medical and surgical care in 17 African and Middle Eastern nations for a quarter-century, and Sakena Yacoobi, who established multiple refugee-educational programs against considerable odds in Afghanistan, share the award, which has been likened to the Nobel Peace Prize.

Surgeon, educator share 2017 Sunhak Peace Prize

Two humanitarians, each of whom work on a global level to relieve suffering of displaced persons and refugees in conflict zones, have been named the laureates of the 2017 Sunhak Peace Prize and will split a $1 million cash award.

An international prize for peace, now and in the future

The Sunhak Peace Prize was established in February 2013 by Dr. Hak Ja Han Moon to honor — and continue -- the peacemaking leadership of her late husband, Rev. Dr. Sun Myung Moon, who passed in September 2012.

Investing in the 'blue revolution'

Buddha once said that the greatest disease of all mankind is "hunger." Today, poverty and hunger are the most devastating problems facing the developing world. Over 800 million [people] or one in nine of the global population go to bed hungry every day. All most all of them, or 13.5 percent of the population, are in developing countries....

Facing down the rising sea levels

It is indeed an honor to address this auspicious occasion on behalf of the government and people of Kiribati, on whose behalf I convey their warm greetings through our Kiribati traditional blessing of peace and security: Kam Na Bane Ni Mauri!

'Peace is universal. Peace is the only way'

I thank the organizers for inviting me to be with you to share some of my views, and to interact with you for one of the most important issues of this world today -- "the peace."

Peace begins by seeing 'humanity as ourselves'

Through this conference, we are embarking on an important road map to achieve peace in the world. Peace, however, can be defined in various ways according to different contexts, cultures and traditions.....