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Onwards to freedom in Iran: Bipartisan voices call for democratic change

Onwards to freedom in Iran: Bipartisan voices call for democratic change is a Special Report prepared by The Washington Times Advocacy Department and the Organization of Iranian American Communities - U.S.

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The Iranian people will eliminate the dictatorship

Let me say for the years we've been together, the times we have met both here and in America, it is a particularly great honor to have the opportunity to follow Prince Turki bin Faisal Al Saud, who being here sends such a powerful signal that everyone who is opposed to the dictatorship is coming together to end the regime and bring freedom back to Iran.

War criminals 'should be treated' as such

We appreciate Madame Rajavi and all of you for the opportunity to find common ground. And I hope we can do that more after this coming election.

Iranian freedom has worldwide support

Was that a great speech by President-elect Rajavi? [applause with YES] Was that a huge accomplishment, a huge message, by having a member of the Saudi royal family here? [applause]

'It's time to say enough' to human rights abuses

Our committee remains focused on the threat posed by the radical regime in Tehran. This is a threat you know all too well -- stripping the rights of the Iranian people has been a consistent policy of this brutal regime since it seized power.

Unite in support of a free, democratic Iran

"Stop this extravagance. Stop the reckless throwing of my country to the wind. Stop the screaming, the bloodshed, the mayhem. Stop doing what makes God's creatures mourn in tears." [Amid] retaliation for her exercise of what she believed was her civil right and her civic duty to challenge authoritarian evil, she courageously observed the following: "You may wish to have me burned or decide to stone me, but in your hand, match or stone will lose the power to harm me."

No question: You will see a free Iran

I wanted to say how sorry I am that I could not be with you this year. But as some of you may know I am the chairman of the host committee for the Democratic National Convention here in Philadelphia, which is going to be held in a few days.

'We in the Muslim world stand with you, heart and soul'

Thank you for inviting me to speak to you today. There is a tradition that states that the Prophet Muhammad, (PBUH), once gestured towards his Persian companion Salman and said, "Even if faith were near the Pleiades, men from among the Persians would attain it."

Camp Liberty: Symbol of 'hope and inspiration' to youth in Iran

I am deeply troubled by the escalation of human rights violations in Iran and the fragile situation in Iraq, which places your loved ones at Camp Liberty in grave danger. Fortunately, through strong bipartisan support in Congress, we are making some progress to ensure the safety and security of the brave men and women at Camp Liberty.

Iranian people reject the turban, whether it is white or black

I cannot find any words capable of describing the trust you are bestowing on me other than to say that I am humbled and that your outpouring of emotion is a reminder of the great responsibility that you have put on my shoulders.

Victory means change of regime in Tehran

I can't begin these remarks without telling you what an enormous privilege it is to be here with you and also to witness, as we all did, the appearance and the speech of Prince Turki al Faisal of Saudi Arabia.

Louis Freeh

Madame Rajavi -- a 'constant anchor and beacon of hope'

You know, so much changes and so much remains the same. A short time ago we were here trying to rationalize why the United States government would put this democratic movement on a foreign terrorist list. Absolutely insane. That has changed, and it was a product of your work and your inspiration, your faith, the struggle of those of your brothers and sisters in Iraq.

Standing for freedom against 'a misogynist regime'

It's incredible to me that Rouhani, the "moderate," the man who claims to be a moderate leader, in his three years in office is responsible for 2,500 executions, more than any other leader in Iran in the last 25 years. And can you imagine the U.N. sanctioned him for the execution of children? It doesn't get much worse. And so your work, the work of Mrs. Rajavi, and the principles that you all stand for here are increasingly important.

Kerry Kennedy

Speak truth to power, as poet Ferdowsi wrote

We are here today because we believe in freedom. We stand in solidarity with the Iranian people. We stand against the mullahs who have caused untold terror to your beloved country with their oppression and reign of terror. The mullahs denied the people of Iran the pride of their extraordinary heritage, a heritage admired across the globe.

Only mullahs benefited from nuke deal

We meet at the first anniversary of the Vienna nuclear deal and as was entirely predictable, the hopes that that deal would bring peace and stability to the Middle East and the wider world have been proven to be mere illusions. Iran has changed neither its policies nor its behavior in the years since Vienna.

Iranian people eager for freedom

The great struggle of our generation is the struggle against terrorism, and the regime in Tehran is by far the biggest state sponsor of terrorism in the world.