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Onwards with the Iranian Resistance (Sponsored by U.S. Foundation for Liberty and Human Rights)

"Onwards with the Iranian Resistance: Regime change within reach" is a Special Report prepared by The Washington Times Special Sections Department and the U.S. Foundation for Liberty and Human Rights.

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A cheering crowd of tens of thousands welcomed National Council of Resistance of Iran President-elect Maryam Rajavi to the July 1 Free Iran Rally. (Photo:TME)

Iranian dissidents rally in France for the overthrow of Iran's theocracy

Thousands of supporters of an Iranian dissident group rallied here Saturday for the overthrow of Tehran's theocratic regime at an event that featured speeches by several Trump administration allies — including Newt Gingrich and Rudolph W. Giuliani — as well as the former head of Saudi intelligence.

'A freer Iran is on the horizon'

I am so overjoyed by the focus of this conference, the theme of this conference, the hashtag of this conference. #Free Iran.

History shows that freedom takes courage, sacrifice

And now the next step is to free Iran. And regime change is up to the people of Iran, and that means you, that means the people who are in Albania, and it means Iranian dissidents in Iran, in Tehran, and all of the different cities....

Iran's youth hold the key to freedom

The fact that many of you are here today is proof that one day soon we will see freedom and democracy in Iran, your original home. We will see it.

'You can never enslave a people forever'

I want to say to each one of you that the size and commitment of this gathering sends a powerful message to both our enemies in Tehran and the people of Iran who are yearning for change.

The world's quarrel is with Iran's mullahs, not its people

Free Iran is right In the last year since we gathered here, I think it's fair to say that we are grateful for what's happened. In a sense, we're in an entirely new and better place. And just so that everybody understands who I mean when I say we are in a better place, I mean everybody who wants to see regime change in Iran in general, and the MEK in particular.

10-point plan offers hope for justice

For evil to prevail, all it needs is for good women and good men to do nothing. Now the British delegation joins with you today at this inspirational rally to make sure that something happens: On the platform, we have members of the House of Commons, members of the House of Lords. And our Parliament is the mother of all Parliaments, and we feel very strongly on democracy.

Only one group is ready to lead 'Persian Spring'

A couple moments ago, I was walking outside and had a brief conversation with a woman who has lost six family members in the struggle for a free Iran. It's an extraordinary and a very personal reminder as to why we are all here together. It's an honor and a privilege for all of us to join you in this cause. We join you in solidarity to raise our voices in support of a free Iran, regime change, and certainly the strong and inspirational leadership of Madame Rajavi.

'Your perseverance gives us hope'

There is a growing conviction throughout the world that the only way to counter the extremism and the fundamentalism in the theocratic regime in Iran is to replace that regime.

'Dad, these people are really heroes'

Thank you to our brothers and sisters in Tirana who are watching us tonight. I am here particularly this year to congratulate you, and thank you and thank Madame Rajavi for the freedom and the life-saving gift that 3,000 of your brothers and sisters have received and are enjoying tonight for the first time.

Why Iran's quest for 'arc of control' must fail

For the first time in at least eight years that I've been coming to this event, I can say that we have a president of the United States who is completely and totally opposed to the regime in Tehran

Onwards to a Free Iran

Speech by Maryam Rajavi at the Grand Gathering of the Iranian Resistance in Villepinte, Paris

'Change must come to Iran'

I can't tell you how moving it was for me personally to see the people of Ashraf free, safe and prosperous.

Iran cannot be permitted to threaten world peace

I'm absolutely honored to be here with you today. I have never been with a group who has had such a singular and overwhelming focus as you do. I'm proud to be among you.

Ayatollahs' overthrow is your objective

Good evening to the freedom-loving people of Iran, both here and in Albania. Much has been spoken at this conference about the idea of regime change. What does regime change look like? And how do you know that you will be successful? What must you do to be successful?

Thousands of Albanians cheer for the Paris rally

We are so honored coming here in Paris in such a special space where East meets the West. Where East meets the West under the umbrella of the Iranian spirit, and we all together dream about the future.

Strive for a vote for the future of free Iran

It is a great pleasure and honor to be with you today here once more. Now is time to stand all together and do the best for free Iran and help that we all together work for the people of Iran.

Iran's current leaders are not 'moderates'

Madame Rajavi and friends, it is a distinct honor and privilege for me to join you in the fight for freedom and in the fight against religious fascism.

Regime change portends the end of religious extremism

We are all in agreement that you deserve to be free, independent and democratic. We are that for sure. Well, unfortunately, the people of Iran have been suppressed for 38 years. Thirty-eight years. Suppressed by your theocratic regime, Islamic extremism and fundamentalism.