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The power of prayer: In men's lives, character and leadership

The power of prayer: In men's lives, character and leadership is a Special Report prepared by The Washington Times Advocacy Department and Washington Area Coalition of Men's Ministries.

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Power of prayer: The many benefits of praying daily with our wives

Prayer is both a gift of grace and a response to God's invitation to life-giving communion. As a husband, prayer allows me to walk humbly before God in the obedience of faith with my wife; it is listening to the voice of God, and allowing that voice to change my life and shape my marriage. Prayer draws me deeply into God's heart, so that every day I can recommit myself to maintaining a personal relationship of love and intimacy with him.

Power of prayer: Don't wait to bless your children

The following scenario repeats in our media outlets — sharing the same sad story, but with different characters each time. Every few years, our newsfeeds are bombarded with the all-too-familiar report of another child of inherited wealth and privilege not prospering with their sudden inheritance. Many, after losing all within a short period of time, find themselves in severe and nearly irreparable financial debt.

Power of prayer: A Father's Son

The word "Father" is perhaps the most significant name of the God of the Bible. It occurs 1,488 times and sets Christianity apart from all other religions.

Power of prayer: From agony to peace

My understanding and embrace of the power of prayer was deepened in the course of a 50-year career in pursuit of the calling I felt to truly help those among us who have the least. That lifetime journey took me through a spectrum of associations and institutions ranging from civil rights organizations to conservative think tanks and, finally, to the launch of my own Center for Neighborhood Enterprise.

Power of prayer: Seeing fatherhood clearly

As told in the Gospel of Mark, the air that day was thick with emotion and excitement ... excitement because of what had just occurred before the eyes of the crowd, emotion so strong no one dared speak as word came to the father that his young daughter had just died.

Power of prayer: 'Does God hear me when I pray?'

Unrest at the youth detention center that evening brought a change in procedure. Instead of speaking to 120 incarcerated boys and girls in one room, our team was asked to split up, with some of us ministering to the few girls allowed to attend the weekly chapel service.

Power of prayer: My spouse's prayers

My wife, Christine, and I, were both raised in very Catholic families. We met in college in the 1970s and drifted from the faith quite a lot, since we had an abortion that would scar us for the rest of our lives. We still married in the Catholic Church, with my uncle, a Franciscan priest, presiding.