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Barry Brown

Articles by Barry Brown

Toronto film festival ignites anti-Israel boycott

Canadian and American filmmakers have lashed back Friday at what they described as an "outrageous" boycott of the Toronto International Film Festival by some filmmakers and writers in protest of the event's spotlight on filmmakers from Tel Aviv. Published September 5, 2009

Canadians contrast their health care to U.S.’s

For a Canadian facing emergency surgery in the United States, a ride on a privately chartered Lear jet back to Canada is a whole lot cheaper than having the operation in a U.S. hospital. Published June 11, 2009

Chrysler Canada put on life support

Like battlefield medics, the Canadian and Ontario governments have plunged into the wreckage of Chrysler LLCs northern subsidiary with $3.2 billion in first aid and vague promises of a full recovery. Published May 3, 2009

Canada’s auto industry imperiled

In ice hockey, getting knocked down means getting up on very thin blades. Now Chrysler and General Motors Canada are wobbling on theirs as the Canadian and Ontario governments work with Washington to ensure that when the battered face of the U.S. auto industry emerges, Canada is still in the game. Published April 28, 2009

Attracting bullies

While most people think of bullies and their victims as opposites, studies show victimized children often begin as overly aggressive and that the same group of children who attracted bullies before they entered school continue to be targets throughout school and in later life. Published December 7, 2008

Parties unite to wrest power in Canada

Conservative Prime Minister Stephen Harper gambled his government's future on a bet that Canada's opposition parties would not unite against his 6-week-old government. Published December 4, 2008

Ice from ancient global warming heats debate

Canadian researchers studying the Arctic's ancient permafrost have discovered 700,000-year-old ice wedges buried in the soil that have survived earlier periods of global warming, adding complexity to predictions about the impact of contemporary climate change. Published October 27, 2008