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Deron Snyder

Deron Snyder

Deron Snyder is an award-winning journalist and Washington Times sports columnist with more than 25 years of experience. He has worked at USA Today and his column was syndicated in Gannett's 80-plus newspapers from 2000-2009, appearing in The Arizona Republic, The Indianapolis Star, The Detroit News and many others. Follow Deron on Twitter @DeronSnyder or email him at [email protected]

Articles by Deron Snyder

Nationals shortstop Ian Desmond has batted ninth in recent games, effectively giving Washington two leadoff hitters once the batting order turns. Manager Jim Riggleman resorted to the strategy in an attempt to spark a struggling offense.

SNYDER: Batting out of order? Why not?

Sitting behind the desk in the visiting manager's office at Nationals Park, Tony La Russa studied the Nationals' batting order for Wednesday's game against his St. Louis Cardinals. For the fourth consecutive time, Washington manager Jim Riggleman defied conventional wisdom by batting his pitcher eighth and a position player ninth - in this case, shortstop Ian Desmond. Published June 15, 2011

SNYDER: Redskins' informal approach still offers some benefits

And so it began, another set of voluntary workouts for Washington Redskins players who were inclined to show up. Roughly 30 did so Tuesday morning, dressed in assorted T-shirts and shorts as they straggled onto a field in Northern Virginia. Inside linebacker London Fletcher was a conspicuous latecomer, arriving after the players had gone through warm-ups and split into their position groups. Published June 14, 2011

SNYDER: Entitlement mentality isn't limited to college athletes

Their high-profile positions give them access to gifts and services not available to everyone else. They know they're not supposed to accept the extra benefits, but they do so anyway, often bringing shame to their institutions when caught. Despite numerous examples of prohibited perks leading to a downfall, the cycle continues, with new reports surfacing on a regular basis. Published June 9, 2011

NBA finals: Miami Heat's LeBron James reacts after dunking in front of Dallas Mavericks' Jason Kidd (2) during the second half of Game 1 of the NBA Finals basketball game Tuesday, May 31, 2011, in Miami. The Heat won 92-84. (AP Photo/David J. Phillip; Pool)

SNYDER: Why is LeBron cast as villain?

The folks at Nike were amazingly prescient in November 2005 when they unveiled a 110-foot high by 212-foot wide billboard to introduce their new ad campaign for LeBron James - "We Are All Witnesses." Published June 6, 2011

SNYDER: Tressel not the only one who should lose his job

'He's our coach, and we trust him implicitly." That's what Ohio State athletic director Gene Smith said about Jim Tressel during a March 8 news conference. It was a strange statement, considering Smith was in the process of announcing Tressel's two-game suspension and $250,000 fine for, essentially, being dishonest. Published May 30, 2011

SNYDER: Dark cloud follows Nats after two glorious drafts

When a team is "fortunate" enough to have the No. 1 pick in back-to-back years, with once-a-generation prospects available in back-to-back drafts, we shouldn't be surprised if good karma is scarce afterward. Few franchises are fortuitous enough to ever draft a Stephen Strasburg a Bryce Harper; snagging both within a 12-month span was like winning the Powerball on consecutive drawings. Published May 26, 2011

SNYDER: Doping accusations don't diminish Armstrong's feats

I'm not sure how many folks can watch Tyler Hamilton's interview on "60 Minutes" and still think that Lance Armstrong was clean in becoming the world's top cyclist. If holdouts were uncertain beforehand, Hamilton's apparent pain and reluctance in outlining Armstrong's supposed doping history should remove doubt. Published May 23, 2011

Newly-named Maryland men's head basketball coach Mark Turgeon speaks during an NCAA college basketball news conference, Wednesday, May 11, 2011, in College Park, Md. (AP Photo/Nick Wass)

SNYDER: Coaching carousel unfairly spins past the players

They do it so routinely each year, we don't even blink as they jilt one campus and bolt for the next. We've turned it into a spectator sport, predicting which college coaches will fill which openings during the annual game of musical chairs. The incoming recruits and returning players left behind or waiting ahead? They're just collateral damage. Nothing to see here, move along. Published May 12, 2011

SNYDER: 'Fear the turtle' is fine; fearing a coach is not

He can X-and-O with the nation's best hoops tacticians. He can recruit against anyone in the country. He can use his homegrown roots and local connections to dominate the D.C. area's fertile hotbed. The only thing Todd Bozeman can't do is give big-time athletic directors like Maryland's Kevin Anderson the courage to hire him. Published May 9, 2011

SNYDER: Dump Boudreau? It's firer beware

The Washington Capitals remind me somewhat of the Florida Everblades, an ECHL team I covered for several years in Fort Myers, Fla. Before the mob is assembled, the torches are lit and Bruce Boudreau's head is called for, let's consider a similar situation that might be instructive. Published May 5, 2011

SNYDER: Hewitt is a safe pick, but is he the right one?

There's no way of knowing how a new coach will do, though there's rarely a shortage of snap judgments. Typical reactions range from "perfect fit" and "great move," to "bad choice" and "what were they thinking?" Published May 2, 2011

Nationals catcher Wilson Ramos has been kidnapped in his native Venezuela. (Associated Press)

SNYDER: Ramos shows he catches on quickly

When you're young, gifted and blocked, progress is measured in baby steps, often escaping notice. There are signposts that a historian will laugh at in retrospect, moments that eventually mean nothing in the arc of a career. Published April 28, 2011

SNYDER: McNabb affair must end for good of team

It seems like a long time ago. The savior was conducting his first minicamp, to rave reviews. The centerpiece was on full display, to everyone's delight. And the reject was donning silver and black, to find restoration in Oakland. Published April 21, 2011