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Deron Snyder

Deron Snyder

Deron Snyder is an award-winning journalist and Washington Times sports columnist with more than 25 years of experience. He has worked at USA Today and his column was syndicated in Gannett's 80-plus newspapers from 2000-2009, appearing in The Arizona Republic, The Indianapolis Star, The Detroit News and many others. Follow Deron on Twitter @DeronSnyder or email him at [email protected]

Articles by Deron Snyder

Eagles quarterback Michael Vick injured his right hand Sunday, and his status for this week's game against San Francisco is uncertain. (Associated Press)

SNYDER: In Vick's world, some QBs are more equal than others

Battered and bruised by the New York Giants, after the Atlanta Falcons administered similar rough treatment a week earlier, Michael Vick opened himself to shots from the media and fans, who gladly piled on. And the pressure he's been under through three games is nothing compared to the blitz he faced after his postgame comments Sunday. Published September 26, 2011

A new logo for the Washington Nationals features Stephen Strasburg. (Provided by the Washington Nationals)

SNYDER: Strasburg ad pitch for Nats is all about the delivery

Jerry West came to symbolize pro basketball, his silhouette serving as the official NBA logo. Michael Jordan became an iconic brand with his "Jumpman" logo, helping Nike become an international conglomerate. Published September 22, 2011

SNYDER: Changing alliances on road to perdition

The future looks grim for Baylor, Iowa State, Kansas State and Kansas, on the verge of being abandoned in a shell of the Big 12 Conference. But hold the pity and save your sympathy. They have no right to complain. Published September 15, 2011

The Redskins, behind quarterback Rex Grossman, were one of 14 teams with at least 300 yards passing in Week 1. New England, Carolina, Miami and New Orleans topped 400. (Rod Lamkey Jr./The Washington Times)

SNYDER: Grossman just part of NFL's passing fancy

Forgive Rex Grossman if you catch a glimpse of him drooling this week, salivating at the thought of Arizona coming to town Sunday. And excuse other quarterbacks you might see exhibiting a tic, evidenced by excessive lip-licking and hand-rubbing. Published September 13, 2011

SNYDER: Season starts with a verdict for the Redskins' defense

The Redskins' offense was in a lose-lose situation entering Sunday's season-opener against the Giants. Rex Grossman & Co. could have shined against the injury-depleted New York defense and elicited a huge so-what? Published September 11, 2011


SNYDER: Never-give-up mindset to serve Howard's Gary Harrell

When you're 5-foot-7 and 170 pounds dripping wet, you don't become the all-time leading receiver at a Division I-AA college and reach the NFL, albeit briefly, unless you're tougher than men twice your size. So no one questions the heart and intestinal fortitude of Gary "Flea" Harrell, the former Howard University standout who later spent time with the New York Giants, Montreal Alouettes (CFL) and Frankfurt Galaxy (World League). Published September 8, 2011

SNYDER: Another spiritual awakening for Nats

Stephen Strasburg was the rare phenom whose outsized hype didn't outpace his performance as a rookie, when he became a national sensation with the lowly Washington Nationals. Published September 5, 2011

SNYDER: Fisher needs to make big plays now

The summer-league showdowns are cute, but they're getting old fast. Nothing against Kevin Durant and Carmelo Anthony - who squared off this week in an all-star gathering that also featured LeBron James - and the other NBA ballers providing Internet highlights in the lockout's wake, but it's time for some plays from Derek Fisher and the negotiating team. Published September 1, 2011

SNYDER: Clothes call - Terps go with variety

While the sports world ponders whether the Carolina Panthers owner stepped out of bounds by requesting that Cam Newton stay free of tattoos and piercings, I'm puzzled by another matter regarding athletes, aesthetics and appearance. Published August 25, 2011

SNYDER: On this night, game trumped business

For the roughly 1,600 folks who crammed into Trinity University's gym Saturday night, it didn't matter that the NBA lockout is nearly two months old. This night was reserved for the game of basketball — not the business. Published August 22, 2011

SNYDER: Scandals put NCAA on path toward destruction

Tick ... tick ... tick ... The countdown in major college sports continues, with the explosion growing closer with each passing scandal. If the latest round of alleged wrongdoing doesn't trigger the blast, don't worry. There'll be another major case before too long. Published August 17, 2011

SNYDER: Rationale sacked if talk turns to Tebow

There is no such thing as proportion when the topic is Tim Tebow. Discussions are neither reasonable, rational nor relative. Whether one believes in him or denigrates him, the arguments are always outsized, out-of-scope and over-the-top. Published August 15, 2011

SNYDER: Marshall's biggest victories come off the field

Miami Dolphins wideout Brandon Marshall set the NFL record for most receptions in a game when he snared 21 balls with the Denver Broncos in 2009. He's among the game's top receivers, but this year he's on a mission involving more than catching footballs. Published August 14, 2011

SNYDER: Despite drops, Redskins' Leonard Hankerson is catching on

As the Miami Dolphins' all-time leader in receiving yardage, No. 2 in receptions and No. 3 in receiving touchdowns, Mark Duper knows about playing the position. So when some of Leonard Hankerson's uncles learned that their employer was a close friend of Duper's, they asked if the three-time Pro Bowler would tutor the young wideout, a rising junior at Miami. Published August 11, 2011