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Deron Snyder

Deron Snyder

Deron Snyder is an award-winning journalist and Washington Times sports columnist with more than 25 years of experience. He has worked at USA Today and his column was syndicated in Gannett's 80-plus newspapers from 2000-2009, appearing in The Arizona Republic, The Indianapolis Star, The Detroit News and many others. Follow Deron on Twitter @DeronSnyder or email him at [email protected]

Articles by Deron Snyder

SNYDER: Slugger's season is totally un-Dunn

Baseball fate hasn't been kind this season to former Nationals slugger Adam Dunn, who's struggling through a horrific campaign of unprecedented ugliness. Published August 7, 2011

Quarterbacks Rex Grossman and John Beck are expected to battle for the Redskins' starting job. While Beck has talked a good game during the offseason, Grossman is the incumbent starter who has enjoyed success during an up-and-down career. (Rod Lamkey Jr./The Washington Times)

SNYDER: New season, old story for Redskins

Allowed to practice for the first time during this training camp, new and old faces were sprinkled among every group Thursday afternoon at Redskins Park. Published August 4, 2011

SNYDER: Glamour aside, NFL players have job to do

Strip away the romanticism and realize that playing football isn't noble or heroic, or a metaphor for unity, commitment and sacrifice through shared blood, sweat and tears. Published August 1, 2011

The Washington Redskins shipped Albert Haynesworth to the New England Patriots on Thursday for a 2013 fifth-round draft pick, (AP Photo/Rob Carr, File)

SNYDER: Shanahan gets credit for curing headaches

Mike Shanahan hasn't done much that deserves applause during his brief tenure as head honcho, inheriting one headache and creating another, then exacerbating the situations by gross mismanaging. But give him a hand for swiftly addressing the dueling dramas that overshadowed everything else at Redskins Park. Published July 28, 2011

SNYDER: Bryce Harper: 'Just another game'; not hardly

Bryce Harper was nonchalant in the visitors' dugout at Prince George's Stadium, less than an hour before his first pro game in the D.C. metro area. He answered questions politely and dispassionately, with a cool detachment that seemed practiced or forced or both — but didn't jibe with the announced crowd of 6,375. Published July 26, 2011

SNYDER: In NFL, the table is set for a smorgasbord of signings

After all of the angst and frustration, after nearly 20 weeks of lockout limbo, after watching the two sides bicker, posture and spin, a resolution has been reached and this is what NFL fans lost in the process: the Hall of Fame Game, a meaningless-but-glorified scrimmage. Published July 25, 2011

SNYDER: Soccer events may be enthralling, but soccer isn't

Soccer lovers in the U.S. have a chip on their shoulders and with good reason, miffed that their sport isn't as beloved here as it is worldwide. But they aren't the only fans frustrated by America's particular taste. Published July 18, 2011

Washington Nationals relief pitcher Drew Storen celebrates with catcher Wilson Ramos after a 2-0 win in a baseball game against the Colorado Rockies on Sunday, July 10, 2011. The Nats are 46-46 entering the second half of the season. (AP Photo/Nick Wass)

SNYDER: Nats fans can look at glass as half-full

Fans who began following the Nationals last year, when Stephen Strasburg swept through baseball like Halley's Comet, have a rosier outlook than fans who began following in 2005 when the team relocated to Washington, where it has never produced a winning record but twice managed 100-loss seasons. Published July 14, 2011

Curt Flood made three All-Star appearances the 1960s. He played 13 games for the Washington Senators in 1971 before retiring. (Associated Press)

SNYDER: Flood case set stage for free agency

'Can I ask you a question about Curt Flood?" Nationals outfielder Jayson Werth, who hasn't been talking much lately, was leaving the clubhouse and en route to wherever he'll spend the All-Star break. But he stopped and looked upward like folks do, as if hard-to-recall facts are written on ceilings. Published July 11, 2011

SNYDER: Clemens' errors rooted in his Texas-sized ego

In deciding to voluntarily testify before Congress in 2008, Roger Clemens displayed little intelligence and insulted our own. Now everyone has to pay as baseball, yet again, is dragged through its Steroid Era. Published July 7, 2011

SNYDER: Nats' Danny Espinosa a force at bat, in the field

Amid the prodigious numbers that made him a candidate for the All-Star Game - and keep him in Rookie of the Year conversations - it's easy to forget that Danny Espinosa is playing a new position. Published July 4, 2011

SNYDER: Nats clear winners in changing of guard

The Nationals play their first home game under Davey Johnson on Friday, and his 0-3 record since taking the helm hasn't diminished our giddiness by one iota. Did you know his 1986 New York Mets had five losing streaks of three or more games en route to winning the World Series? Published June 30, 2011


SNYDER: Drafts reveal a chasm between NBA, baseball

Jan Vesely's magic moment came when he kissed his girlfriend on ESPN and shook hands with NBA commissioner David Stern. Bobby Lucas' magic moment came when he attended a pre-game reception at Nationals Park and shook hands with team owner Mark Lerner. Published June 27, 2011

Washington Nationals manager Jim Riggleman resigned Thursday over a contract dispute. (AP Photo/Paul Connors, File)

SNYDER: Riggleman's future wasn't with Nats

There were no winners in manager Jim Riggleman's shocking resignation Thursday, coming just moments after another thrilling Washington victory capped an 8-1 homestand and made the Nationals victors in 11 of their last 12 games. Published June 23, 2011

SNYDER: Winning by accident, just as Nats planned it

The Washington Nationals were without their best player, third baseman Ryan Zimmerman, for 58 of their first 72 games. Their No. 5 hitter, first baseman Adam LaRoche, played 43 games and batted .172 with a torn shoulder muscle before having season-ending surgery. Their $126 million offseason acquisition, right fielder Jayson Werth, has 16 fewer RBI than their rookie second baseman, Danny Espinosa. Published June 20, 2011

SNYDER: With love, to a father I wish that I'd known

An open letter to my father, Stanley Howard Snyder: Hi. Another Father's Day has come and gone, yet another that I spent wondering how it would've been having you in my life. Published June 19, 2011

Nationals shortstop Ian Desmond has batted ninth in recent games, effectively giving Washington two leadoff hitters once the batting order turns. Manager Jim Riggleman resorted to the strategy in an attempt to spark a struggling offense.

SNYDER: Batting out of order? Why not?

Sitting behind the desk in the visiting manager's office at Nationals Park, Tony La Russa studied the Nationals' batting order for Wednesday's game against his St. Louis Cardinals. For the fourth consecutive time, Washington manager Jim Riggleman defied conventional wisdom by batting his pitcher eighth and a position player ninth - in this case, shortstop Ian Desmond. Published June 15, 2011