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Emily Leslie

Articles by Emily Leslie

Female CEO proves her mettle in business

With fearless female CEOs like Gigi Stetler -- who was stabbed and left for dead early in her career -- it's not surprising that the most successful businesses tend to have women in charge. Published August 6, 2015

D.C. exhibits on hate crimes, wildlife poaching take visitors on 'emotional journey'

Criminals keep finding different ways to break the laws, and the District of Columbia's Crime and Punishment Museum continues to find ways to educate the public about it. Accordingly, the museum in Northwest Washington is offering two exhibits that draw attention to a range of issues including the nation's hate crimes and the continued battle against wildlife poachers abroad. Published July 29, 2015

Ben Platt as Evan Hansen and Laura Dreyfuss as Zoe in the world-premiere musicalDear Evan Hansen at Arena Stage at the Mead Center for American Theater July 10-August 23, 2015. Photo by Joan Marcus.

Levenson's 'Dear Evan Hansen' opens at Arena Stage

Still a young man, playwright Steven Levenson is a writer and co-producer of Showtime's steamy "Masters of Sex." The drama has picked up Emmy and Golden Globe nominations — all by the time Mr. Levenson was 31. Published July 7, 2015

Turkish kadayif, a pastry dish similar to baklava, is offered as the dessert course of a traditional Muslim iftar, a fast-breaking meal served after sundown during the holy month of Ramadan, alongside cay, a tea drink. (By Emily Leslie/The Washington Times)

Ramadan meal iftar helps Muslims break religious, cultural barriers with guests

"May God accept your fasting," Turkish-American host Fuat Aksoy said as each member of his family bit into a date palm -- together breaking their Ramadan fast. Conversation flowed between Muslim and non-Muslim guests alike. Selma, Mr. Aksoy's wife and mother of three, presented lentil soup and bread to each guest at the iftar, or the "break fast" meal Muslims eat after sunset during Ramadan. Published June 25, 2015

President Obama and Vice President Joseph Biden visited with Vivian Bailey last week at the White House, which took notice of her commitment to community service. Ms. Bailey, who lives in Columbia, Maryland, took her first school field trip to the nation's capital at age 97, nearly 80 years after she graduated from segregated schools in Oklahoma. (White House)

Obama, Biden surprise 97-year-old woman after her first school field trip

Vivian Bailey, 97, rode elephants in Thailand and camels in Morocco long before she ever had the opportunity to go on a school class field trip. Ms. Bailey traveled to over 50 countries as an adult, but she never had a chance to visit historical sites with classmates while attending Tulsa, Oklahoma's segregated schools. Published June 4, 2015

Riders participate in the the annual Rolling Thunder 'Ride for Freedom' motorcycle rally, with the Lincoln Memorial in the background, in Washington, Sunday, May 25, 2014. (AP Photo/Molly Riley)

Rolling Thunder rides with pride into D.C.

Rolling Thunder has much more to offer than motorcycles on Memorial Day: The nonprofit group provides year-round aid to veterans and their families to help pay for meals, mortgages and other bills to prevent homelessness. Published May 21, 2015