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Gene Mueller

Gene Mueller was a reporter for The Washington Times.

Articles by Gene Mueller

GENE MUELLER: When it's cold, Sting Ray is best

The amount of correspondence that comes in during the cold months - concerning a 3-inch-long, rubbery fishing lure that has an almost magical effect on the bass, perch, crappie, even resident river rockfish population - is astonishing. Published January 18, 2009

MUELLER: Registry is a salty move

Only a few days after I received an outrageously unrealistic property tax assessment notice - housing prices, after all, have gone down the drain - that got me thinking the government is completely out of touch, here comes the National Oceanic and Atmospheric Administration with a scheme to reach into the pockets of those who like to fish in ocean waters. Published January 11, 2009

Gene Mueller: Rockfish a popular catch

While there is little to brag about concerning local fishing - the exception is downstate Virginia's Lake Gaston, where bass and crappies are willing - in the lower Chesapeake Bay and the adjacent Atlantic the action is great. Published January 8, 2009

Gene Mueller: Dyke Marsh group no friend to hunting

The Friends of Dyke Marsh, a Northern Virginia citizens group with members who live near the Potomac River's Dyke Marsh Wildlife Preserve just south of Old Town Alexandria, want the waterfowl hunting to come to a halt there even though it has been approved by the U.S. Fish and Wildlife Service and the Virginia Department of Game and Inland Fisheries. Published January 7, 2009

GENE MUELLER: Mixed bag of memories

With 2008 nearly gone and the new year about to begin, good and bad memories are easily recalled while a measure of apprehension is felt for the future. Published December 28, 2008

MUELLER: Cold can't keep anglers away

It is Christmas, the highest holiday of the Christian faith, yet I'll wager a week's pay that there will be some wacky, stout-hearted souls who will brave the cold to chase after the Chesapeake Bay's rockfish because the season closes by the end of the month. Published December 25, 2008

MUELLER: Reeling in the top 10 fishing products

The Alexandria-based American Sportfishing Association, an industry trade group of fishing tackle corporations and such, recently compiled the 10 most influential fishing products of the past 75 years. Published December 24, 2008

Gene Mueller: Highway poses threat to vital creek

A controversial plan to build a four-lane highway known as the Cross County Connector in Southern Maryland's Charles County not only upsets community-action groups that believe local leaders continue to live in the past, it is also being seriously questioned by the U.S. Army Corps of Engineers. Published December 21, 2008

Choose guides with care

Gene Mueller: Among fine western outfitters are some scoundrels. Published December 17, 2008

Gene Mueller: Zebra mussels start bulging

Before getting into area fishing, a truly worrisome picture has developed in Maryland. The state's Department of Natural Resources has confirmed the presence of zebra mussels in the lower Susquehanna River. That can spell bad news for Maryland waters and perhaps even those in neighboring states. Published December 11, 2008

Gene Mueller: Rejected bid a boon for river conditions

Jeff Kelble, the Shenandoah Riverkeeper, applauds Virginia's Water Control Board for not allowing the Merck pharmaceutical company to increase the amount of nutrient pollution it could discharge into the South Fork of the Shenandoah River. Published December 10, 2008