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Haris Alic

Haris Alic

Haris Alic is a reporter for The Washington Times covering Congress. Before joining the paper, Alic worked at Breitbart News where he was the lead political reporter covering President Joe Biden and the 2020 campaign. Originally from New York, he got his start in journalism as a staff writer at the Washington Free Beacon.

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Articles by Haris Alic

House Speaker Nancy Pelosi speaks at a press event in San Francisco, Tuesday, Aug. 10, 2021.  (AP Photo/Nick Otto)

‘Long, hot summer’: Pressure mounts on House Democrats over New Deal-style spending spree

Vulnerable House Democrats are facing a long and arduous pressure campaign to oppose President Biden's $3.5 trillion party-line spending bill, with Republican-allied outfits prepared to spend millions to defeat it. Many see the mounting pressure campaign as the reason why Democratic House Speaker Nancy Pelosi has recalled the chamber to Washington for an initial vote on the package in mid-August. Published August 11, 2021