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James Morrison

James Morrison

James Morrison joined the The Washington Times in 1983 as a local reporter covering Alexandria, Va. A year later, he was assigned to open a Times bureau in Canada. From 1987 to 1989, Mr. Morrison was The Washington Times reporter in London, covering Britain, Western Europe and NATO issues. After returning to Washington, he served as an assistant foreign editor until his transfer to the Metro desk as the Virginia editor. Mr. Morrison returned to the Foreign Desk in 1993 to launch the Embassy Row column, a diplomatic news column primarily focusing on foreign ambassadors in the United States and U.S. ambassadors abroad. The column is the only one of its kind in U.S. journalism.

Mr. Morrison was born on Nov. 27, 1950, in Charleston, W.Va. His father worked as a printer for the Charleston Gazette and later relocated to Washington to work as a photo engraver at The Washington Post until his retirement. Before joining The Washington Times, James Morrison was a reporter for the Springfield, Va., Times, the Northern Virginia Sun and the Alexandria Gazette. He attended American University.


Articles by James Morrison

Gary Locke

Embassy Row: Envoy angers China

The Chinese Foreign Ministry this week lashed out at U.S. Ambassador Gary Locke,accusing him of meddling in China's domestic affairs after he questioned its policies toward Tibet, where Buddhist monks have been burning themselves to death to protest Chinese rule. Published November 1, 2012

Embassy Row: Confident in Australia

In defending Australia's lower defense spending, U.S. Ambassador Jeffrey Bleich on Tuesday referred to President Obama's retort to Mitt Romney that the U.S. Navy has "things called aircraft carriers ... and ships that go underwater." Published October 30, 2012

Embassy Row: A ‘task’ for america

A former Israeli spymaster is urging the United States to launch a military strike against Iran's nuclear sites because Washington has the ability to inflict greater damage than his own nation. Published October 28, 2012

Embassy Row: ‘Unacceptable’

European officials planning to monitor the U.S. presidential election are howling about intimidation, after they got a blunt warning this week: If you mess with Texas, you might end up in jail. Published October 25, 2012


Embassy Row: Turkey’s enemies

The U.S. ambassador to Turkey is trying to reassure the key NATO ally that Washington stands with Ankara in its confrontations with Syria and its fight against Kurdish terrorists. Published October 23, 2012

Alejo Vidal-Quadras of Spain, a vice president of the European Parliament. (Associated Press)

Leftist European Parliament members hope to sway Iran

Left-wing members of the European Parliament are pressing ahead with plans to visit Iran while the European Union prepares to impose tough new sanctions on the theocratic regime over its suspected nuclear weapons program. Published October 21, 2012

Embassy Row: Spy scandal

The U.S. ambassador to Canada confirmed Sunday that a Canadian naval officer was a Russian spy who sold American and Canadian military secrets to Russian diplomats in Ottawa. Published October 21, 2012

Embassy Row: Trip to Tibet

The U.S. ambassador to China made a surprise visit to Tibet, where Buddhist monks have been burning themselves to death to protest Chinese rule. Published October 18, 2012

Embassy Row: Thin ice

The chairwoman of the House Foreign Affairs Committee was shocked when a top State Department official called the attack on a U.S. diplomatic mission in Libya "unprecedented." Published October 16, 2012

Embassy Row: Just what he wanted

Japanese Ambassador Ichiro Fujisaki has been in Washington for more than four years and has no plans to return to Tokyo until after the U.S. presidential elections. Published October 14, 2012

Embassy Row: A model constitution

When Hungary's top court struck down controversial new laws, judges looked to the U.S. Supreme Court for inspiration, a Hungarian jurist said Thursday. Published October 11, 2012

Embassy Row: ‘People’s Resistance’

No longer regarded as a terrorist group by the U.S. and Europe, the Iranian resistance now is urging the West to recognize the movement as a legitimate advocate for democratic change in a country ruled for more than 30 years by a brutal, theocratic regime suspected of trying to build nuclear weapons. Published October 9, 2012

Embassy Row: Unrest in Haiti

U.S. Ambassador Pamela White was personally exposed to the violent unrest that has swept Haiti for months when she accompanied President Michel Martelly to a coastal town to dedicate a new road financed by U.S. aid funds. Published October 7, 2012

Embassy Row: ‘Squarely’ on Assad

The United States is blaming Syrian President Bashar Assad for the growing violence spilling across the border into neighboring Lebanon, which already is burdened with 90,000 refugees from the Syrian civil war. Published October 4, 2012

Embassy Row: 'Long overdue'

Members of Congress from the left to the right applauded Secretary of State Hillary Rodham Clinton for removing a major Iranian dissident group from the U.S. terrorist list, although they complained that her action was "long overdue." Published October 2, 2012

Embassy Row: Demanding answers

Two Republicans on the Senate Foreign Relations Committee are questioning whether the State Department ignored warnings from U.S. Ambassador J. Christopher Stevens in Libya before Islamic extremists killed him on the 11th anniversary of the 9/11 terrorist attacks. Published September 30, 2012

Ales Byalyatsky

Embassy Row: Defender of freedom

The State Department sent a strong message this week to Belarus' tyrannical leader, Alexander Lukashenko, an autocrat so threatened by democracy that he was intimidated by teddy bears pinned with messages about freedom and dropped by parachutes over the capital of Minsk in July. Published September 27, 2012

Embassy Row: It ain’t over

Christopher Meyer, the former British ambassador to the United States who shocked the staid diplomatic world with a tell-all expose about his years as the queen's envoy in Washington, has turned his literary skills to the U.S. presidential election. Published September 25, 2012

Embassy Row: Content in Morocco

The safest place in the Arab world after the latest eruption of anti-American violence is Morocco, according to U.S. Ambassador Sam Kaplan. Published September 23, 2012

Embassy Row: Crisis in Caracas

A former U.S. ambassador to Venezuela is warning of a possible political crisis if Hugo Chavez,the country's cancer-stricken, authoritarian leader, loses the Oct. 7 presidential election. Published September 20, 2012