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James Morrison

James Morrison

James Morrison joined the The Washington Times in 1983 as a local reporter covering Alexandria, Va. A year later, he was assigned to open a Times bureau in Canada. From 1987 to 1989, Mr. Morrison was The Washington Times reporter in London, covering Britain, Western Europe and NATO issues. After returning to Washington, he served as an assistant foreign editor until his transfer to the Metro desk as the Virginia editor. Mr. Morrison returned to the Foreign Desk in 1993 to launch the Embassy Row column, a diplomatic news column primarily focusing on foreign ambassadors in the United States and U.S. ambassadors abroad. The column is the only one of its kind in U.S. journalism.

Mr. Morrison was born on Nov. 27, 1950, in Charleston, W.Va. His father worked as a printer for the Charleston Gazette and later relocated to Washington to work as a photo engraver at The Washington Post until his retirement. Before joining The Washington Times, James Morrison was a reporter for the Springfield, Va., Times, the Northern Virginia Sun and the Alexandria Gazette. He attended American University.


Articles by James Morrison

Embassy Row: Terrorist defamed?

One of the world's most-wanted terrorist leaders is suing two Pakistani journalists for reporting that he met with the U.S. ambassador to Pakistan. Published May 20, 2012

Embassy Row: Iran attack ready

The U.S. ambassador to Israel revealed this week that the United States is prepared to attack Iran to stop the Islamist regime from developing a nuclear weapon. Published May 17, 2012

Embassy Row: Cries over Kali

Trouble is brewing in India over an American beer named after a Hindu deity; lawmakers in New Delhi on Tuesday demanded an apology from U.S. Ambassador Nancy J. Powell. Published May 15, 2012

Embassy Row: Pink washing and pink elephant

It may appear odd, but the left slammed Israeli Ambassador Michael Oren after he promoted Israeli laws that protect gays from discrimination. Published May 13, 2012

Embassy Row: Tunisia angered

Tunisia accused the United States of interfering in the country's judicial system after U.S. Ambassador Gordon Gray criticized the guilty verdict in the blasphemy trial of a Tunisian television executive. Published May 8, 2012

Embassy Row: The Chen saga

The chairwoman of the House Foreign Affairs Committee is warning the State Department not to trust Chinese government promises to allow a blind dissident and his family to come to the United States. Published May 6, 2012

Embassy Row: Chinese puzzle

The American ambassador to China insisted Thursday that he never forced a blind dissident to leave the U.S. Embassy, as the human rights activist now in a hospital surrounded by Chinese police appealed for U.S. help to get out of the country. Published May 3, 2012

Embassy Row: 'Protect Chen'

The head of the House Foreign Affairs Committee is urging President Obama to protect a blind Chinese dissident reportedly sheltered in the U.S. Embassy in Beijing as Secretary of State Hillary Rodham Clinton heads to China for long-scheduled talks suddenly overshadowed by the diplomatic emergency. Published May 1, 2012

Embassy Row: 'Ticket to Ride'

India's ambassador to the United States is warning that trade barriers are a threat to developing nations such as her homeland, which has a strong economy but also vast poverty. Published April 29, 2012

Embassy Row: Colombia wants apology

Even though prostitution is legal in Colombia, the ambassador from the South American nation still thinks sex-starved U.S. Secret Service agents damaged the reputation of a major resort city by cavorting with hookers during a high-level regional summit this month. Published April 26, 2012

Embassy Row: Dueling over Cyprus

The Turkish ambassador this week accused the top Democrat on the House Foreign Affairs Committee of a cynical assault over the divided island of Cyprus in an election-year political stunt. Published April 24, 2012

Embassy Row: Another Hitler in Iran

Israeli Ambassador Michael Oren compared the Iranian regime to the Nazis and denounced the Islamic theocracy for "pledging to murder another six million" Jews. Published April 22, 2012

Embassy Row: Pressure on Pakistan

The U.S. ambassador to Afghanistan on Thursday accused a powerful terrorist group with suspected ties to Pakistan's spy agency of mounting a weekend assault on Afghan cities, and he demanded that Pakistan drive the militants out of safe havens. Published April 19, 2012

Embassy Row: Locke demands Ni Yulan release

The U.S. ambassador to China this week demanded that the Chinese government free a crippled human rights activist and her husband from prison and lift the house arrest of their daughter. Published April 17, 2012

Embassy Row: His name is Khan

India's ambassador in Washington and foreign minister in New Delhi are outraged with U.S. officials for detaining India's biggest film star for about 90 minutes at a New York airport late last week. Published April 15, 2012

Embassy Row: Ambassador angers Arab

A leading Arab member of the Israeli parliament is threatening to sue the Israeli ambassador to the United States over an article the diplomat wrote that portrays him as a supporter of suicide bombers. Published April 12, 2012

Embassy Row: Is Jerusalem in Israel?

The State Department appeared stumped by a simple question: In what country is the Israeli capital of Jerusalem located? Published April 10, 2012

Embassy Row: Defaming Israel

Israeli Ambassador Michael Oren is accusing the president of a major Christian relief organization of defaming the Jewish state by accusing Israel of restricting Palestinian Christians from attending Easter services in Jerusalem. Published April 8, 2012

Embassy Row: Arrogant Ambassador?

Moscow's relentless criticism of U.S. Ambassador Michael McFaul reached a new height this week when the foreign minister accused him of arrogance. Published April 5, 2012