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Jeffrey T. Kuhner

Articles by Jeffrey T. Kuhner

President Barack Obama greets supporters after speaking at a campaign fundraiser for Senate Majority Leader Harry Reid D-Nev., in Las Vegas, Thursday, July 8, 2010.(AP Photo/Pablo Martinez Monsivais)

KUHNER: Obama backers threaten postelection violence

President Obama's supporters are threatening riots and violence should he be defeated in November. Mr. Obama is in deep trouble. He was trounced by his Republican rival, former Massachusetts Gov. Mitt Romney, in the first presidential debate. Published October 18, 2012

Illustration Pinocchiobama  by Greg Groesch for The Washington Times

KUHNER: Thug-in-chief

President Obama is losing the trust of the American people. In fact, he is repeatedly showing himself to be an incorrigible liar. The Obama administration is collapsing under the weight of its numerous lies and false statements. Published October 11, 2012

President Barack Obama and Republican presidential candidate and former Massachusetts Gov. Mitt Romney meet on stage at the start of the first presidential debate in Denver, Wednesday, Oct. 3, 2012. (AP Photo/Charles Dharapak)

KUHNER: Why Obama will lose

Mitt Romney won Round 1 decisively. Wednesday's presidential debate marked the beginning of the end for President Obama. His Republican challenger was articulate, polished, substantive and on the offensive. Published October 4, 2012

The Washington Times

KUHNER: Obama made Libya safe for terrorists

President Obama has betrayed the American people. His administration is dissembling and engaging in a systematic cover-up. The reason: Mr. Obama does not want the public to know he bears heavy responsibility for the recent terrorist attack against the U.S. Consulate in Libya. Published September 27, 2012

Associated Press

KUHNER: Bubba’s America

Former President Bill Clinton has emerged as a hero to many Americans, especially liberals. He has become a Democratic icon, a deeply beloved figure. This is why he was tapped to give the nomination speech for President Obama at the Democratic National Convention. Published September 6, 2012

**FILE** President George W. Bush is introduced Aug. 30, 2004, by Massachusetts Gov. Mitt Romney at a campaign rally in Nashua, N.H. (Associated Press)

KUHNER: Romney’s not Bush 2.0

Mitt Romney is the second coming of former President George W. Bush. This is the false argument being peddled by Democrats and their liberal media allies. President Obama ceaselessly stresses that the Republican candidate will return America "to the failed policies of the past." Published August 30, 2012

Illustration Biden Chains by John Camejo for The Washington Times

KUHNER: Democrat vs. Republican extremism

Vice President Joseph R. Biden is mentally unstable, and it's time for Republicans to point it out. For years, Mr. Biden has been making outrageous comments that reveal not only his low intelligence, but also a dangerous detachment from reality. Published August 23, 2012

Illustration: Paul Ryan by Linas Garsys for The Washington Times

KUHNER: Is Paul Ryan a bad Catholic?

Rep. Paul Ryan poses a mortal threat to our social safety net. This is the argument being made against him by many liberal Catholics. It will be the next wave of the left's assault on the Republican ticket after Mitt Romney's decision to choose Mr. Ryan as his running mate. Published August 16, 2012

Illustration Mudslinging by John Camejo for The Washington Times

KUHNER: Dirty Democrats

Democrats are accusing Mitt Romney of being a criminal. Senate Majority Leader Harry Reid claims the presumptive Republican presidential nominee has not paid taxes in 10 years. What is Mr. Reid's source for this explosive allegation? He states it is an "anonymous" investor in Bain Capital. Published August 9, 2012

Illustration Evil Romney by John Camejo for The Washington Times

KUHNER: Romney is no racist

Is Mitt Romney a racist? This is the narrative being spun by the Democratic media. Having failed to convince the public that the GOP nominee's years of labor at Bain Capital consisted mostly of vulture capitalism, the liberal press corps has shifted its target. Published August 2, 2012

Illustration: Tea Party steam by Greg Groesch for The Washington Times

KUHNER: Aurora and the left’s hatred for America

Liberals are exploiting the Aurora massacre to advance a political agenda. The tragic mass murder of 12 people is being used as fodder against the right. Within hours of the killing spree, the media establishment was hoping to link the suspected shooter, James Holmes, with the Tea Party, conservatives and -- ultimately -- the presumptive Republican nominee, Mitt Romney. Published July 26, 2012

Bane stars in The Dark Knight Rises’ Movie Masters action figures collection from Mattel. (Photograph by Joseph Szadkowski/The Washington Times)

KUHNER: Barack is no Batman

President Obama is being compared to Batman. That's right. The Obama campaign believes the new blockbuster movie, "The Dark Knight Rises," set to be released this weekend, is an artistic reflection of political reality. According to many liberals, Mr. Obama is more than a leader. Published July 19, 2012

The Washington Times

KUHNER: Bury Lenin - without honors

Finally, Russians are considering burying Vladimir Lenin. Since his death in 1924, the Bolshevik leader's embalmed body has been lying in a glass coffin in a mausoleum on Moscow's Red Square. For many, he is the shining symbol of Soviet communism - a martyr to the utopian cause of socialist revolution. Published July 12, 2012

Illustration CheBama by John Camejo for The Washington Times

KUHNER: Obama’s revolutionary Supreme Court

We now live in post-constitutional America. The rule of law has been replaced with arbitrary centralized government. The republic is dead. It has been strangled by President Obama and the Supreme Court. Upon its ruins, a socialist state is being erected. This is the real meaning of the court's recent decision to uphold Obamacare. Published July 5, 2012

Illustration: Socialist Obama by Alexander Hunter for The Washington Times

KUHNER: Obama’s socialist designs

President Obama is gradually transforming America into a socialist authoritarian state. This is the real meaning of his recent decision to grant backdoor amnesty to young illegal immigrants. Mr. Obama is behaving like a Latin American strongman, who asserts arbitrary power and ignores the rule of law. Published June 21, 2012

Illustration Obamaphobia by John Camejo for The Washington Times

KUHNER: Obamaphobia

Is opposing President Obama a form of racism? According to many liberals, especially the Congressional Black Caucus, it is. Published June 14, 2012

Illustration Obama's anti-Christianity by Alexander Hunter for The Washington Times

KUHNER: State-sanctioned anti-Christianity

American Catholics are mobilizing for the biggest campaign of mass civil disobedience since the end of segregation. U.S. Catholic bishops are calling on Catholics to defy the Obama administration's contraceptive mandate. Published June 7, 2012

Illustration Obama's Holocaust Revisionism by Alexander Hunter for The Washington Times

KUHNER: Obama’s Holocaust revisionism

President Obama has insulted Poland. On Tuesday, Mr. Obama referred to "Polish death camps" during World War II. His comments inflamed Polish public opinion. Mr. Obama has demeaned and degraded the victims of Nazism. He also has exposed his ignorance. Published May 31, 2012

Illustration by John Camejo for The Washington Times

KUHNER: Did Serbia vote for war?

Another war is brewing in the Balkans. Recently, Serbia's voters elected a new president. Ultranationalist Tomislav Nikolic narrowly defeated the liberal, pro-European Union incumbent, Boris Tadic. Mr. Nikolic's victory means the Balkans may be plunged into ethnic violence again. Published May 24, 2012

The Rev. Jeremiah Wright, pastor emeritus of the Trinity United Church of Christ in Chicago, speaks in Jackson, Miss., on March 25, 2012. (Associated Press) ** FILE **

KUHNER: Jeremiah Wright can sink Obama

He's back. And this time, the Rev. Jeremiah Wright threatens to engulf President Obama in a major scandal - one that could doom his re-election. Edward Klein in his recent biography of Mr. Obama, "The Amateur," interviewed Mr. Wright about the president's past. Published May 17, 2012