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Jeffrey T. Kuhner

Articles by Jeffrey T. Kuhner

Illustration: Al Gore by Linas Garsys for The Washington Times

KUHNER: Attack of the liberal space aliens

It's official: Space aliens are liberals, and they may be preparing to invade planet Earth. It is a scenario outlined by a NASA-affiliated scientist and researchers at Pennsylvania State University. Unbelievably, the study is not a joke, although global laughter prompted its authors Thursday to insist it was meant to be. "Green" aliens are coming - and Al Gore may be one of their leaders. Published August 25, 2011


KUHNER: Obama’s worst nightmare

President Obama can see the writing on the wall: His days in the White House are numbered. This is the real meaning of Texas Gov. Rick Perry's entry into the Republican presidential race. The GOP now has a candidate who can not only defeat Mr. Obama, but crush him. Published August 18, 2011

Illustration: Obamey by Alexander Hunter for The Washington Times

KUHNER: Don’t go on vacation - just GO

America's economy is in free-fall. Growth is anemic. The stock market is collapsing. Real unemployment - combining the high jobless rate with rampant underemployment - is higher than 16 percent. Manufacturing is dead. Deficits, debt and government spending are at record levels. Our credit rating has been downgraded for the first time in history. The trade deficit has exploded to the highest in years.A possible Great Depression haunts the land. Primarily one man is to blame: President Obama. Published August 11, 2011

Illustration Tea Party by Greg Groesch for The Washington Times

KUHNER: Tea Party ‘terrorists’

Vice President Joseph R. Biden believes Tea Party Republicans are right-wing jihadists. Following the debt-ceiling deal, in a private Democratic Caucus meeting, Mr. Biden joined several Democrats in accusing conservative House Republicans of behaving like "terrorists." Published August 4, 2011

Illustration: Chris Matthews by Linas Garsys for The Washington Times

KUHNER: Matthews the mad natterer

It is official: Chris Matthews has lost all credibility. The MSNBC host recently compared Tea Party members of the Republican Party to racist whites of apartheid-era South Africa, saying their goal is to forge an independent racialist ministate within America. Even by the standards of MSNBC, this is beyond the pale. Mr. Matthews is either completely disconnected from reality or a dangerous demagogue fomenting political violence. Published July 28, 2011

Illustration by Paul Tong

KUHNER: Obama’s Fox hunt

President Obama is targeting critics in the media. As his poll numbers continue to decline and his re-election chances grow dimmer by the day, he is increasingly resorting to authoritarian tactics. His latest Published July 26, 2011

Illustration: Abortion

KUHNER: Obama’s culture of death

President Obama is on the verge of achieving his liberal revolution. His goal is to destroy our Judeo-Christian culture and replace it with European-style radical secularism. Published July 21, 2011

Danny Glover and Jane Fonda along with about 50 other activists planned to sign a declaration that condemns Israel as an "apartheid state" and dismisses the work of Tel Aviv filmmakers as "Israeli propaganda."

KUHNER: Humbling Hanoi Jane

Hanoi Jane has been humbled. Recently, the home shopping channel QVC canceled a scheduled appearance by Jane Fonda. The actress was supposed to discuss her latest book, "Prime Time." She is shocked and angry that QVC disinvited her because of mounting public opposition. Published July 19, 2011

Illustration: Obama Mouse by Alexander Hunter for The Washington Times

KUHNER: Barack’s bumbling breakdown

President Obama is on the verge of a crackup. The debt-limit talks are beginning to take their toll. On Wednesday, the president stormed out of a meeting with House Majority Leader Eric Cantor. Like a petulant adolescent, Mr. Obama blamed the Virginia Republican for opposing a "grand bargain." Published July 14, 2011

Illustration: Napoleon Obamapart by Alexander Hunter for The Washington Times

KUHNER: Obama’s Waterloo

Republicans have a golden opportunity to break Barack Obama's presidency, ensuring he will be a one-termer. Mr. Obama has backed himself into a corner on the debt-limit talks; the GOP can smash his re-election prospects if they have the will - and intelligence - to do it. Published July 12, 2011

Illustration: AOL's gutter by Linas Garsys for The Washington Times

KUHNER: Huffington the hater

Recently, AOL posted an item on its general page discussing how men often fake sexual excitement and advising that they should, uh, take it upon themselves to "discover what stimulates you." Who knew there was so much fakery in the bedroom? Published July 8, 2011

KUHNER: Beck’s Federalist fills no need

Glenn Beck, the radio host and former Fox News talking head, apparently needs to capitalize one last time on his dwindling fame. His solution: publish a redundant book on the Federalist Papers. Published July 8, 2011

Illustration: Obamastan (after Levine) by Alexander Hunter for The Washington Times

KUHNER: Obama, the LBJ of our time

Mr. Obama essentially has admitted defeat. He has publicly announced that U.S. forces will begin to pull out and that the process will be accelerated by the summer of 2012 - just in time for the election campaign. The administration has set a definite timetable for the American drawdown. In 2014, the transfer of responsibility for fighting from NATO to the Afghan government will be completed. The troops finally are coming home. Published June 30, 2011

Natasha Srdoc

KUHNER: Croatia’s iron lady

Croatia may be on the verge of a seismic political earthquake. A new patriotic-populist movement is being born. If it comes to power, it will transform the country - reverberating across the region and impacting the European Union. Published June 23, 2011

Illustration: Nobama

KUHNER: The Middle American revolt

The winds of change are blowing. A political rebellion is brewing. The 2012 Republican presidential nomination is taking place within historic times: the decline and fall of big-government liberalism. President Obama's attempt to transform America is finally creating a powerful backlash. The Obama presidency lies in rubble; failure has been its defining characteristic. The country is facing an economic crisis. Unemployment is high. Growth is anemic. Gas prices are sky-high. America is choking on its debt. We are bogged down in three failed wars. Mr. Obama's popularity is plummeting. The liberal regime - once dominant - is tottering. Published June 21, 2011

Illustration: Nerobama coin by A. HUNTER for The Washington Times.

KUHNER: Obama, the new Caesar

President Obama has crossed the Rubicon. He now believes - and acts - as if he is above the law; the Constitution no longer applies to him. This is the real meaning behind the U.S. military intervention in Libya. Mr. Obama is abrogating the linchpin of our democracy: the rule of law. Published June 16, 2011

Illustration by Tim Brinton

KUHNER: Weiner Nation

Rep. Anthony D. Weiner has become the face of the Democratic Party. The New York congressman is embroiled in a scandal. Mr. Weiner has admitted sending sexual messages, as well as a lewd photo of his crotch, to numerous women - six so far and counting. Moreover, a picture of his naked genitals is circulating on the Internet. Published June 9, 2011

Illustration: Paul Ryan by Linas Garsys for The Washington Times

KUHNER: The one Republicans really want

There is a potential presidential candidate whom almost every Republican wants. This person would not only galvanize the GOP base, but attract large numbers of independents and centrists as well. He would smash President Obama in 2012 and probably win by a landslide. He is Rep. Paul Ryan of Wisconsin. Published June 2, 2011

Ratko Mladic (center) enters court in Belgrade, Serbia, on Thursday, May 26, 2011. (AP Photo/Serbian Government)

KUHNER: Ethnic cleansing’s ghosts

Ratko Mladic, the former Bosnian Serb wartime commander, was captured last week. For 16 years he had been a fugitive from justice. Gen. Mladic was wanted for genocide and crimes against humanity. His arrest in Lazarevo, a small town north of Belgrade, Serbia's capital, is supposed to bring closure to the Balkan wars of the 1990s. Contrary to conventional wisdom, it won't. Published May 31, 2011

Illustration: Michael Savage

KUHNER: Obama’s assault on conservative speech

The party president is at it again. In Ireland, he belted back some Guinness. In Britain, he savored $1,000 wine and toasted the queen. In Poland, he is sure to feast on pirogi and vodka. Yet President Obama's European trip is more than a waste of taxpayer dollars on celebrity diplomacy. It is a cultural watershed - a key moment when the leader of the free world stood by and did nothing while the free-speech rights of an American citizen were violated by the very government he was praising. Mr. Obama's slogan should be: "Give me fine French Burgundy, or give me death!" Published May 26, 2011