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Maggie Ybarra

Maggie Ybarra

Maggie Ybarra is a former military affairs and Pentagon correspondent for The Washington Times.

Articles by Maggie Ybarra

Navy Cmdr. Steven Dundas in a USMC CH-46 during the deployment of 2007-08.

Less silent suffering: Veterans' post-traumatic stress taken seriously

Baseball stadiums are some of the few places where Navy Cmdr. Steven Dundas feels safe, where his mind is not anxiously inching toward the past and latching onto memories of children with missing body parts and the stench of burning swamp fires. Published April 22, 2014


Hagel pledges nonlethal military aid to Ukraine

The Pentagon will begin shipping nonlethal military aid to Ukraine and extend the deployment of fighter jets providing security to Poland in response to what Defense Secretary Chuck Hagel called Russia's "dangerously irresponsible" actions. Published April 17, 2014

NATO Supreme Allied Commander Europe, U.S. Air Force General Philip Breedlove gestures during an interview with the Associated Press in Paris, Wednesday April 9, 2014, as he talks about his mission to formulate a plan to help protect and reassure NATO members nearest Russia. NATO’s top military commander in Europe, Breedlove is tasked with drafting countermoves to the perceived Russian military threat against Ukraine. (AP Photo/Remy de la Mauviniere)

NATO set to consider proposals for beefing up military presence in Eastern Europe

NATO's highest political decision-making body and its military committee have been mulling over a report that shows an array of air, land and naval options the alliance can tap to support skittish Easter European allies that see Russian forces amassing along the Ukraine border as a threat to their sovereignty. Published April 15, 2014

USS Hue City (File photo provided by U.S. Navy)

On-board fire hobbles Navy guided-missile cruiser

A charred Navy guided-missile cruiser is making its way across the Atlantic Ocean toward Europe after a fire broke out in a gas turbine generator, Navy officials said Tuesday. Published April 15, 2014

People gather near a barricade built up to thwart police from retaking the regional administration building in Donetsk, Ukraine, late Monday. (Associated Press)

Republicans hit administration for timid response to Russian war gaming

NATO is increasing the number of fighter jets and surveillance aircraft supporting U.S. allies in Eastern Europe, but some Republicans remain critical of the Obama administration for not taking a more proactive posture toward what they describe as Russian war-gaming in the region. Published April 7, 2014


Lax guidance feeds Afghan corruption; report says billions in aid wasted

The government's top watchdog for Afghan reconstruction says the State Department's failure to provide guidance over the use of billions of dollars in U.S. funds for rebuilding projects is exacerbating problems with rampant corruption ahead of the much-anticipated U.S. troop pullout. Published April 2, 2014