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Monica Crowley

Monica Crowley

Monica Crowley was a columnist for The Washington Times.

Articles by Monica Crowley

Illustration on green energy and poverty by Linas Garsys/The Washington Times

How the green energy bullies drive poverty

Although climate change ranks at or near the bottom of issues most important to the American people, the Obama administration continues to push it like its agenda on radical wealth redistribution depends on it. Because in many ways, it does. Published April 20, 2016

Wendell Pierce as Clarence Thomas in HBO Films' "Confirmation"             Photo courtesy HBO

The left's long war against Clarence Thomas

In its war for America, the left never rests, sometimes falters but rarely allows itself to fail. It works tirelessly to "fundamentally transform the nation" and smashes anyone and anything that gets in its way. Published April 13, 2016

Illustration on Che Guabama and the roots of Berie Sanders' support by Alexander Hunter/The Washington Times

The real secret of Bernie Sanders' success

Two weeks ago, President Obama took time out of his busy schedule of "fundamentally transforming the nation" to do the wave with the Reds at a baseball game in Cuba. This week, socialist Bernie Sanders won the Democratic primary resoundingly in Wisconsin, the birthplace of progressivism. Not a coincidence. Published April 6, 2016

Former President Bill Clinton and Democratic presidential front-runner Hillary Clinton acknowledge supporters during a caucus night rally at Drake University in Des Moines, Iowa, on Feb. 1, 2016. (Associated Press) **FILE**

The FBI stalks Hillary while Bill Clinton trolls Obama

Do Bill and Hillary Clinton sense a breakdown in whatever deal they may have struck with President Obama to protect her presidential ambitions? Is whatever negotiation they may have been conducting over her email server problem and any inside information she may have on him now imploding? Published March 30, 2016

A memorial to the Belgian attack victims outside the stock exchange in Brussels. (Associated Press)

It's the civilizational jihad, stupid

Like every other civilized human being, I was horrified by the Islamic State terror attacks that rocked Brussels this week, killing and wounding dozens of people. Published March 23, 2016

Illustration on the return of Alinsky agitation tactics to this year's political contest by Alexander Hunter/The Washington Times

The left gets the band back together for 2016

The radical left will never tolerate a disruption to its revolution to "fundamentally transform the nation." When leftists detect pushback that threatens its grand project, they attack. Published March 16, 2016

Illustration on Ted Cruz' indomitable spirit by Alexander Hunter/The Washington Times

Ted Cruz storms today's political Alamo

The day before his victory in his home state of Texas, Sen. Ted Cruz invoked the Alamo, the definitive symbol of fierce Texan independence and defiance. Published March 9, 2016

Illustration on the pugnacious Donald Trump by Alexander Hunter/The Washington Times

In Donald Trump, the GOP finally has a street-fighter

No one becomes fully delusional overnight. It usually begins with a small, manageable delusion that then mushrooms into bigger ones, resulting in a chain-reaction escalation of self-deception. In the worst cases, it ends in institutionalization. Published March 2, 2016

Illustration on the power of the Supreme Court to damage American society by William Brown/Tribune Content Agency

The coming battle over cementing Obama's national 'transformation'

There are certain people so deeply entrenched in the national consciousness that their immortality is sort of assumed. Supreme Court Justice Antonin Scalia was one of those figures. He was a larger-than-life man of such towering intellect and commanding influence that it never really registered that he might, someday, pass from the scene. Published February 17, 2016

Illustration on the repudiation of the GOP establishment by Alexander Hunter/The Washington Times

Donald Trump, Ted Cruz and the GOP revolt

New Hampshire has a way of dishing out political reversals of fortune, and this week proved the Granite State hasn't lost its touch. This time, however, it was the Republican establishment that incurred its wrath. The voters are in open revolt. Published February 10, 2016

Illustration on the possible criminal liability of both Clintons over Hillary's private server by Alexander Hunter/The Washington Times

Is Bill Clinton in the FBI crosshairs too?

In the unfolding political and legal drama surrounding Hillary Clinton and her private server, one name has been conspicuously missing. Published February 3, 2016

Illustration on emptying Guantanamo Bay prison by Alexander Hunter/The Washington Times

Obama saves his most dangerous betrayal for last

It's now clear that despite escalating jihadi attacks and threats worldwide, nothing will dissuade President Obama from releasing or bringing in some of the world's most vicious Islamic killers. Published January 20, 2016

Illustration on the Clinton's imperiled political fortunes by Linas Garsys/The Washington Times

The deal with the Clinton devil is over

Something has shifted when it comes to the treatment and perception of the Clintons, and it threatens their joint political ambitions like nothing before it. Published January 13, 2016

Illustration on the reasons for voter anger at government by Alexander Hunter/The Washington Times

The real reason voters are on a rampage

Happy new year. If you thought 2015 was an unpredictable political year, wait until you see what 2016 has in store. The political dynamic that has brought us to this point has been unprecedented, which means the coming months will continue to deliver wildly unforeseen outcomes. Published January 6, 2016

Illustration on Hillary Clinton's vanished home in the modern Democrat Party by Alexander Hunter/The Washington Times

Is it Hillary's Democratic Party -- or Obama's?

Nothing says Merry Christmas like another Democratic debate buried on the Saturday night before the holiday. Few people are focused on the farcical Democratic race, but there is a very real drama enveloping the party's front-runner, and I don't mean the ongoing FBI investigation. Published December 16, 2015

Illustration on Obama's bad dissemblance on U.S. national security by Alexander Hunter/The Washington Times

Obama's ISIS three-card monte

The Obama foreign policy has always been a destructive -- and deliberate -- mush of leftist ideology and suicidal weakness. Published December 2, 2015

Illustration on Thanksgiving Day by Donna Grethen/Tribune Content Agency

An exceptional holiday of exceptional America

There are two particularly quintessentially American holidays: Independence Day, when we celebrate our declaration of independence from the British, which began the most successful experiment in human liberty. And Thanksgiving, when we offer appreciation for the wondrous blessings in our individual lives and in the life of the nation. Published November 25, 2015