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Monica Crowley

Monica Crowley

Monica Crowley was a columnist for The Washington Times.

Articles by Monica Crowley

Illustration on the disguised invasion of Europe by Linas Garsys/The Washington Times

The 'refugee' crisis is jihad by another name

Immediately following the Islamic State terror attacks in Paris that killed and wounded hundreds of people, French President Francois Hollande rightly declared them "acts of war" deserving a "merciless" response. Published November 18, 2015

Illustration on questions for Hillary on the Benghazi attack by Alexander Hunter/The Washington Times

Some pointed questions for Hillary Clinton

Don't look now, but while you're recovering from this week's Republican presidential debate, the Democrats will assault us with another night of their debate kabuki theater this weekend. Published November 11, 2015

Illustration on speculation that Obama will install a successor to continue his agenda by Alexander Hunter/The Washington Times

Who will be Barack Obama's Dmitry Medvedev?

After months of a sleek "will he or won't he" campaign, Vice President Joe Biden announced that he will not seek the Democratic nomination for president. In an odd, hastily arranged speech that sounded more like a campaign launch, he claimed that the "window had closed," with most observers concluding he exited because Hillary Clinton appears to be on the rebound. Published October 28, 2015

Illustration on Hillary's Benghazi hearing testimony by Linas Garsys/The Washington Times

Benghazi, lies and videotape

At some point during his first term, President Obama allowed Secretary of State Hillary Clinton wide latitude over policy on Libya. He probably thought giving her the Libya portfolio would keep her occupied for a while -- and out of his hair. Published October 21, 2015

Sen. Ted Cruz    Associated Press photo

How Ted Cruz is running the Republican table

In the spring of 2011, I heard about a dazzling young conservative, the former solicitor general of Texas, who was running for a soon-to-be-open U.S. Senate seat. Published September 9, 2015

Gov. Chris Christie       Associated Press photo

Chris Christie fights back

One often hears New Jersey Gov. Chris Christie before one sees him. His booming voice precedes his physical presence, announcing his arrival with the self-assurance of a seasoned executive. Published August 26, 2015

Illustration of Carly Fiorina by Linas Garsys/The Washington Times

Carly Fiorina, the anti-Hillary

When Carly Fiorina speaks, people lean in to listen. It's not just because she speaks in measured, almost soft, tones. It's because she projects an extraordinary calming presence, even when discussing the most dangerous threats and vexing problems facing America today. Published August 12, 2015

Illustration on questions for the GOP debaters by Linas Garsys/The Washington Times

Big questions for the GOP candidates

Tonight the top 10 candidates vying for the Republican nomination for president will gather in Cleveland, Ohio, for the first debate of the 2016 election cycle. (The other seven candidates will debate earlier in the evening.) Published August 5, 2015

Illustration on the imperative need for Congress to reject the Obama/Iran nuclear arms deal by Linas Garsys/The Washington Times

Obama and Hillary bulldoze the promise of 'never again'

In the 70 years since the Holocaust, the phrase "never again" was never followed by a question mark. It had always been a declarative statement. Never again would the world sit by while systematic mass murder was carried out. And yet, given the deal the Obama administration has struck with the Islamic Republic of Iran to clear its path to nuclear weapons, it seems we have forgotten what it means to say -- and live -- "never again." Published July 22, 2015

Trump Campaign Button Illustration by Greg Groesch/The Washington Times

The real reasons Donald Trump is surging

Donald Trump is rocking the Republican race for president. He's running strong in the polls, dominating media coverage, and holding rallies that are attracting cheering crowds of thousands of people. Published July 15, 2015

Illustration on American exceptionalism and the U.S Women's soccer team by Alexander Hunter/The Washington Times

What the U.S. women's soccer team says about America

Like millions of other Americans, I spent last Sunday night watching the U.S. Women's Soccer team show Japan -- and the rest of the world -- how it's done. Our talented, gutsy women trounced Japan in the World Cup Final, 5-2, with superstar Carli Lloyd scoring an unbelievable three goals in the first 16 minutes. As the clock wound down, I was literally off my couch, jumping with pride as I watched our team hoist high the American flag in celebration. The women radiated pure joy, which was so contagious I could feel it in my living room. Published July 8, 2015

Illustration on the Democratic party's push for socialism by Alexander Hunter/The Washington Times

Socialist red is the new black

Is socialism now out of the closet? It appears so, at least according to a new Gallup poll. Published June 24, 2015