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Richard W. Rahn

Richard W. Rahn

Richard W. Rahn is a senior fellow at the Cato Institute and chairman of the Institute for Global Economic Growth.

Articles by Richard W. Rahn

Illustration on the financial base of BLM by Alexander Hunter/The Washington Times

Follow the rioters' money trail to stop the chaos

A number of major American companies and rich individuals have funded Black Lives Matter and groups affiliated with them. Some of this money has almost certainly been laundered to fund the violent activities of some of the rioters. Published September 28, 2020

Endless revisionism about COVID-19 illustration by The Washington Times

What do we really know about COVID-19?

Bad data cause bad conclusions which cause bad decisions. The medical, political and media classes have much to be embarrassed about when it comes to their statements about COVID-19. Published September 7, 2020

Robotic Server Illustration by Greg Groesch/The Washington Times

Pandemic drastically alters the future workplace

COVID-19 is greatly speeding up the death of low-skilled or unskilled jobs. Likewise, the era of physical shopping areas with many thousands of potential customers close together is also rapidly dying due to new technologies and potential pandemics. Published August 3, 2020

The economic costs of riots and COVID-19 lockdowns

The COVID-19 lockdowns and the riots will cause real incomes of most citizens in the United States and much of the world to be significantly lower than they would otherwise be, and personal misery to be higher. Published July 27, 2020

Illustration on the adverse impact of government pandemic policy on small business by Alexander Hunter/The Washington Times

Politicians use COVID-19 war to destroy small businesses

The COVID-19 racket to destroy small business has not been enough for some politicians. In a number of cities where the riots have occurred, the police have been ordered to stand down or in other ways not to protect small businesses. Published June 8, 2020

People line up outside the National Guard armory in Minneapolis for free COVID-19 testing Saturday, May 23, 2020. The Minnesota National Guard offered free COVID-19 testing at the Minneapolis Armory. There were several free testing locations across the state, which were operated by the National Guard, the Minnesota Dept. of Health and the State Emergency Operations Center. (Aaron Lavinsky/Star Tribune via AP)

'You are not going to die from COVID-19'

Good news (please see the accompanying table)! If you are under 65, in reasonably good health and do not have a vitamin D deficiency, you have only a tiny chance of dying from COVID-19. And if you are younger than 34, your chances of dying from the virus are so small as to be almost statistically undetectable. Published May 25, 2020