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Report details depravity of SEALs' accuser

The just-concluded military trials of three exonerated Navy SEALs showed the terrorism suspect at the center of the case to be one of the most dangerous men in Iraq. Published May 10, 2010

Military defends prosecution of SEALs

The U.S. military is issuing an extensive defense of its decision to prosecute three Navy SEALs on charges of abusing a terrorism suspect they had captured in Iraq, after two of the servicemen were found not guilty during courts-martial. Published May 3, 2010

Military cancels nuclear attack test

The U.S. military has canceled a major field exercise that tests its response to a nuclear attack, angering some officials who say that what is now planned for this month will be a waste of time. Published April 26, 2010

Karzai's rants for half-brother not against Obama

When Afghanistan President Hamid Karzai lashed out at the United States and NATO earlier this month, the conventional wisdom said he had been taken to the woodshed by President Obama — and didn't like it. But current and former U.S. officials say Mr. Karzai's anger at the West is driven more by a series of events having more to do with his brother. Published April 19, 2010

Democrats want anti-Bush loyalist for GAO director

Congressional Democrats are pushing for the appointment of a party loyalist and frequent critic of President George W. Bush to a powerful government watchdog post that historically has gone to nonpartisan nominees. Published April 13, 2010

Women in submarines face health issues

A specialist on undersea medicine is warning Congress that the air inside a submarine can be hazardous to fetal development. Published April 5, 2010

Case against 3 SEALs weakens

Cracks are beginning to appear in the military's prosecution of three Navy SEALs accused of striking a most-wanted terrorism suspect they had captured in Iraq. Published March 29, 2010

Gates alters rules for investigating gay troops

Defense Secretary Robert M. Gates on Thursday took steps to soften the military's ban on openly gay service members while retaining the law's core restriction that avowed homosexuals face discharge. Published March 26, 2010

E-mails suggested Fort Hood suspect subpar for Army

Maj. Nidal Malik Hasan, charged in the Fort Hood shootings, was too fat and "chronically" unprofessional during his psychiatric training, according to internal e-mails exchanged by his superiors. Published March 16, 2010

Group wants same military benefits for gay spouses

A leading gay rights group says married gay service members should have the same rights as straight couples once President Obama ends the military's ban on open homosexuality in the ranks. Published March 8, 2010

Breaking ranks on gays in military

Conservative groups have begun to mobilize to stop President Obama plan's to open the military to acknowledged gays, as some prominent right-leaning Washington figures are breaking with the movement and siding with the White House. Published March 1, 2010

Military chiefs resist push to end gay ban

The four U.S. military service chiefs are bucking higher-ups by refusing at this point to endorse removing the ban on open gays in the ranks. Published February 25, 2010

NATO neglect lets Taliban build 35% more strength

The Taliban has reaped a recruiting bonanza the past two years, capitalizing on NATO's stagnant posture in southern Afghanistan by increasing fighter ranks by 35 percent, U.S. officials say. Published February 22, 2010

Military chiefs' views crucial in gay ban row

The military service chiefs will soon present their views to Congress marking the next stage in the debate on gays in the military amid signs they will not be as effusive in endorsing an end to "don't ask, don't tell" as has Adm. Mike Mullen, chairman of the Joint Chiefs of Staff. Published February 16, 2010

Veteran groups resist 'don't ask' repeal

The nation's two most prominent veterans groups have come out in opposition to President Obama's plan to end the military's long-standing ban on open homosexuals in the ranks. Published February 4, 2010

Tough fight set for gays in military

President Obama's pledge to lift the military's ban on openly gay service members this year seems at best headed for extremely close votes in the House and Senate, according to Congress watchers. Published February 1, 2010

Support swells for 3 accused SEALs

When a small team of Navy SEALs set out to capture one of Iraq's most-wanted terrorists in September, they never dreamed it would go so smoothly. Published January 22, 2010

EXCLUSIVE: Marine leads 'Don't ask, don't tell' fight

Marine Corps Commandant Gen. James T. Conway has emerged in internal Pentagon deliberations as the most outspoken opponent of permitting gay men and women to serve openly in the U.S. military, according to a former senior Pentagon official. Published November 2, 2009

Obama adviser Jones shifted Afghanistan views -- a lot

National security adviser James L. Jones - the president's point man in a momentous debate on U.S. policy in Afghanistan - has repeatedly shifted his assessments of the war as he transformed himself from a top Marine general to a civilian adviser in recent years. Published October 16, 2009