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Stephen Dinan

Stephen Dinan

Stephen Dinan can be reached at [email protected].

Articles by Stephen Dinan

Paging through Sotomayor's open-book life

Judge Sonia Sotomayor's open-book life has been a story of overcoming challenges, from an underprivileged upbringing in the Bronx to struggles against perceived discrimination to a mammoth battle against a mischievous cricket outside her Princeton dorm-room window. Published June 16, 2009

Senator says billions wasted on stimulus

Self-appointed waste-watcher Sen. Tom Coburn says he's already identified as much as $5.5 billion in wasteful or bad projects among the economic-stimulus expenditures on tap. Published June 16, 2009

Pay-go's promise routinely broken by Washington

The pay-as-you-go rules President Obama is resurrecting as a solution to runaway federal spending have been repeatedly violated by Congress and the White House, allowing hundreds of billions of dollars to be spent without the required spending cuts or tax increases. Published June 11, 2009

Justices decline 'don't ask, don't tell' case

In refusing to hear a challenge to the military's restriction on gay troops, the Supreme Court has put the issue back into President Obama's lap - and gay rights advocates are starting to get angry over his slow pace in terminating "don't ask, don't tell." Published June 9, 2009

Groups raise ante on immigration reform

President Obama's nomination of a Hispanic woman to the Supreme Court does not give him extra breathing space to put off a contentious fight on immigration, Hispanic groups and immigrant-rights advocates said Wednesday. Published June 4, 2009

Republican picked to be Army secretary

President Obama on Tuesday nominated Rep. John M. McHugh, New York Republican, to be secretary of the Army, citing the congressman as proof that his administration wants input from across the political spectrum. Published June 3, 2009

Obama boosts Reagan legacy

With former first lady Nancy Reagan's hand on his shoulder, President Obama on Tuesday signed into law a commission to commemorate the 100th anniversary of President Ronald Reagan's birth in 2011, and heaped praise on the man he said lifted the country out of a troubling time. Published June 3, 2009

N.Y. Republican tapped as Army Secretary

UPDATED: President Obama on Tuesday nominated Rep. John M. McHugh, New York Republican, to be secretary of the Army, a White House official confirmed. Published June 2, 2009

GOP eyes GM takeover as election tool

Republicans plan to use the government takeover of General Motors Corp. as ammunition in their bid to defeat congressional Democrats next year, saying its a glaring example of big government intrusion into the marketplace that will rankle average voters. Published June 2, 2009

Sotomayor cleared prior Senate hurdles

To those who followed Judge Sonia Sotomayor through her 1991 and 1997 appearances before the Senate Judiciary Committee, she did not appear very controversial, nor even particularly a judicial activist. Published May 31, 2009

Sotomayor reversed 60% by high court

With Judge Sonia Sotomayor already facing questions over her 60 percent reversal rate, the Supreme Court could dump another problem into her lap next month if, as many legal analysts predict, the court overturns one of her rulings upholding a race-based employment decision. Published May 27, 2009

Obama ducks promise to delay bill signings

It seemed among the easiest of his transparency pledges and is entirely under his control, but President Obama is finagling his promise to post bills on the White House Web site for comment for five days before he signs them. Published May 26, 2009

Liberty drops Democrats as official club

Liberty University says the school's College Democrats chapter can no longer be recognized as an official club because its principles are anathema to the Lynchburg, Va., school's Christian doctrine and because club officials misled the school. Published May 23, 2009

Obama, Cheney clash over terrorism

President Obama vigorously defended his decision to close the Guantanamo Bay detention site but said some terrorist suspects would be held indefinitely, setting up a possible fight with Congress over their relocation. Published May 22, 2009

GOP call for Pelosi probe stymied

House Democrats on Thursday blocked a Republican attempt to force Speaker Nancy Pelosi to document her charge that the CIA lied to Congress about interrogation methods used by the Bush administration against terror suspects and other matters. Published May 22, 2009

Republicans blocked in Pelosi inquiry bid

House Democrats on Thursday blocked a Republican attempt to force House Speaker Nancy Pelosi to document her charge that the CIA lied to Congress about the Bush administrations interrogations policies. Published May 21, 2009

Cheney: Pelosi knew of interrogations

Accusing President Obama of giving Americans "less than half the truth," former Vice President Dick Cheney said Thursday tough interrogation tactics worked, and said the tactics had the approval of members of Congress including current House Speaker Nancy Pelosi. Published May 21, 2009

GOP seeks investigation of Pelosi claims

House Republicans on Thursday will call for a bipartisan investigation of Speaker Nancy Pelosi's charge that the CIA lied to her about the Bush administration's interrogation policies of terror suspects. Published May 21, 2009

Green-job backers seek economic incentive

U.S. business leaders told President Obama Wednesday that the nation lags in developing good jobs out of clean energy and said the government must get involved to push the country further. Published May 21, 2009

Schumer pushes immigration reform

A top Democratic senator said Wednesday that the nation's borders are secure enough to begin working on a legalization bill for current illegal immigrants. Published May 21, 2009