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Stephen Moore

Stephen Moore

Stephen Moore is an economic consultant with Freedom Works. He received a bachelor of arts degree from University of Illinois at Urbana-Champaign and holds a master of arts degree in economics from George Mason University.

Articles by Stephen Moore

Chart to accompany Moore article of Aug. 8, 2016

The infrastructure illusion

Hillary Clinton and Donald Trump don't agree on much of anything, but there is one area where they have a meeting of the minds: they both want to spend way more on public works programs. Hillary Clinton says that her primary jobs stimulus will be a massive $275 billion-plus infrastructure spending binge. Published August 7, 2016

Chart to accompany Moore article of Aug. 1, 2016

Welfare is the new work

Two recent news stories highlight how pernicious the welfare state has become in America today. Published July 31, 2016

Illustration on the stagnation of the Democrat party by Alexander Hunter/The Washington Times

The late, great Democratic Party

This week the Democrats officially coronate the battered Hillary Clinton as the torch bearer for the party. She has slouched to the finish line. She is tired and the country is tired of her. Sorry, Democrats, no do-overs. You're stuck with her. Published July 24, 2016

Chart to accompany Moore article of July 18, 2016

Girding for the annual funding fight

The worst-kept secret in Washington, D.C. is that Congress will once again fail to do its most basic constitutional job and pass legislation to fund the federal government beyond the end of the current fiscal year on September 30. Published July 17, 2016

Chart to accompany Moore article of July 4, 2016

Happy American Energy Independence Day

Every president since Richard Nixon has promised to make America energy independent, but we still import 9 million barrels of oil a day with much of it coming from the Middle East and OPEC. Now for the first time in a half century -- thanks to the shale oil and gas revolution -- the dream of American energy independence is not just a pipe dream but easily achievable if the next president takes the right steps to make it happen. Published July 3, 2016

Chart to accompany Moore article of June 27, 2016

Hillary pleads for four more years

"People are working harder and longer just to keep their heads above water. And to deal with the costs, the everyday costs, the costs of basics like childcare and prescription drugs that are too high. College is getting more expensive every day. And wages are still too low and inequality is too great. Good jobs in this country are still too hard to come by." Published June 26, 2016

Chart to accompany Moore article of June 20, 2016.

Obamanomics: R.I.P.

Well, it turns out Annie had it wrong. The sun won't come out tomorrow. Published June 19, 2016

Illustration on GOP attacks on Trump by Alexander Hunter/The Washington Times

The 'Stupid Party' keeps getting stupider

In the last month or so both of the presumptive presidential candidates, Donald Trump and Hillary Clinton have said stupid and even offensive things. Published June 12, 2016

Illustration on the planned attacks on oil and gas by Alexander Hunter/The Washington Times

The left's grand, green vision

Like a crazed serial killer, the liberal green groups are celebrating their "victory" of putting America's major coal producers out of business — to say nothing of the tens of thousands of miners placed in unemployment lines. Several thousand more mining jobs were lost last month. Published June 5, 2016

In this May 16, 2016, file photo, Democratic presidential candidate Hillary Clinton waits to speak at a get out the vote event at La Gala in Bowling Green, Ky. (AP Photo/Andrew Harnik)

Hillary's enablers on the right

Is there anything more laughable than all the former members of the George W. Bush brain trust torching conservatives for getting behind Donald Trump? The stale complaint is that conservatives are tossing overboard their "core principles" when they get behind the fairly elected Republican nominee. Published May 22, 2016

Less Tax, More Growth Illustration by Greg Groesch/The Washington Times

Why tax rate cuts work

Hillary Clinton took another sniper shot at Donald Trump's tax reform plan last week by calling it "a tax cut for billionaires" like him. She even argued that Mr. Trump "spends" trillions of dollars on the tax cuts. Question: How do you spend money on a tax cut? Published May 15, 2016