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Tammy Bruce

Tammy Bruce

Opinion Columnist — Tammy Bruce, an Independent Conservative, is a radio talk-show host, New York Times’ bestselling author, blogger, Fox News’ on-air political contributor and a columnist at The Washington Times. Ms. Bruce served as president of the Los Angeles chapter of the National Organization for Women (NOW) and worked on several political campaigns as well. Her nationally syndicated talk show, “The Tammy Bruce Show,” ranks number one on TalkStreamLive and her editorials and commentaries on social issues are published nationally and internationally, including The New York Times, Los Angeles Times, USA Today, San Francisco Chronicle, Esquire, and The Advocate. In addition to her media work, Ms. Bruce speaks to a variety of groups nationwide with her speech, “Contrary to Popular Belief: How Conservative Ideas Empower Women, Gays and Blacks.”

Articles by Tammy Bruce

This Monday, Aug. 11, 2015, file photo, shows a Target store in Miami. Target is making a stand on the debate around what type of bathrooms transgender people can use. In a statement posted on its company website Tuesday, April 19, 2016, the discounter, based in Minneapolis, said transgender employees and customers can use the restroom or fitting room facility that "corresponds with their gender identity." (AP Photo/Lynne Sladky, File)

The folly of 'inclusive' restrooms

Never did I think the gay civil rights movement would devolve into irrelevant arguments about bathrooms, but here we are. The newest controversy involving Target stores highlights how leftists aren't concerned at all about bathrooms, but about using gay rights as a cudgel with which to punish those who do not pay allegiance or conform to the liberal agenda. Published May 2, 2016

Illustration on the politicization of the currency by Alexander Hunter/The Washington Times

Debating about Harriet Tubman

We're told our money will be changing. A woman will displace President Andrew Jackson from the $20 bill. Already there is spirited public comment, both for and against. Arguments about tradition and political correctness versus change and honor dominate, with each side making persuasive points. Published April 25, 2016

Supreme Court Justice Sonia Sotomayor speaks in San Jose, Calif. (AP Photo/Jeff Chiu, Pool, File)

Honoring the rule of law

The (Un)wise Latina Supreme Court Justice Sonia Sotomayor thinks there are too many Jews and Catholics on the court. Published April 18, 2016

Illustration on the need for toughness rather than empathy in response to terrorism by Alexander Hunter/The Washington Times

Hugging it out together

Facebook CEO Mark Zuckerberg believes he's found the solution to global Islamic terrorism: love and empathy. He has announced that, essentially, all we need to do is hug it out, that perhaps one Giant Hug will overcome the global jihadist network of maniacs who exist only to murder. Published April 4, 2016

Backdropped by a monument depicting Cuba's revolutionary hero Ernesto "Che" Guevara, U.S. President Barack Obama listens to the U.S. national anthem during a ceremony at the Jose Marti Monument in Havana, Cuba, Monday, March 21, 2016. (AP Photo/Dennis Rivera)

Nero fiddled; Obama danced

Since the Sept. 11, 2001, attacks here at home, I got into the habit of checking my email immediately upon waking to check in on the condition of the world. For the first year after 9/11 we had no idea what to expect day to day; we certainly believed more attacks were on the way. Published March 28, 2016

Illustration on tech companies and privacy by Alexander Hunter/The Washington Times

How tech companies violate privacy

With the Apple versus FBI so-called privacy fight in the news, one would think the tech industry is singularly concerned about your privacy rights. Some recent news reminded me, however, not only how blase the tech industry has been about your privacy, but that it is actively engaged in violating it. Published March 21, 2016

Iraqi workers mop the floor at the Assyrian Hall of the Iraq National Museum Baghdad, Sunday, March 13, 2016. Assyria was a civilization located near the modern-day city of Mosul, now held by the Islamic State group, who published videos online showing the destruction of key Assyrian sites Nimrud and Hatra along with many other religious and cultural sites.(AP Photo/Maya Alleruzzo)

Pursuing cures instead of chaos

If you listen to world leadership these days, you would think there was no real difference between Western civilization and the Islamic world. Whether it be the United Nations, Europe, Barack Obama, Hillary Clinton or Donald Trump, everyone is fixated on a deal between Palestinians and Israel. Published March 14, 2016

Mitt Romney is interviewed by Neil Cavuto during his "Cavuto Coast to Coast" program on the Fox Business Network, in New York Friday, March 4, 2016. (AP Photo/Richard Drew)

Mitt Romney's misstep

I gained a lot of respect for Mitt Romney during the 2012 presidential race. He and his wife were obviously terrific people, and he, I believed, would be a wonderful president. I still think that, but after his theater of the absurd last Thursday morning attacking Donald Trump, Mr. Romney has turned from a smart and well-meaning politician to an underhanded plotter. Published March 7, 2016

Illustration on the disarray of the GOP by Alexander Hunter/The Washington Times

The Republican world turned upside down

Just prior to last week's Republican debate in Houston, a new Quinnipiac poll was released showing Donald Trump crushing Sen. Marco Rubio 44 percent to 28 percent, a whopping 16 points, in the senator's home state of Florida. Published February 29, 2016

Illustration on Starbucks in Saudi Arabia by Alexander Hunter/The Washington Times

When Starbucks meets Sharia

Welcome to Starbucks in Saudi Arabia. With your tall nonfat latte you will also get an extra special gift: a giant, steaming pile of gender apartheid. Published February 15, 2016

Illustration on the basic hygiene gap between Europe and the Muslim world by Alexander Hunter/The Washington Times

When Stone Age comes to town

If there's a clash of civilizations, both sides have to have one. A civilization, that is. Published February 8, 2016

Immigrants from El Salvador and Guatemala who entered the country illegally board a bus after they were released from a family detention center in San Antonio. (AP Photo/Eric Gay, File)

When foreigners bring disease across the border

When facing the massive problems associated with an open border, deluges of illegal immigration, and now even government sponsored surges of so-called "refugees," we naturally must discuss our concern about terrorism and violent crime. That, however, is only part of the threat. Published January 25, 2016

The moral case against the Establishment

Is not being a jerk an important part of what's required to be president? Jeb Bush thinks so. While it would be fabulous to have another Ronald Reagan -- a wonderful, decent man who was also a powerful leader -- not being a jerk isn't at all a necessary component of the leadership this nation now needs. Published January 18, 2016

Illustration on rising criminality in sanctuary cities by Alexander Hunter/The Washington Times

Talking truth to a sanctuary city

"Crime in Los Angeles rose in all categories in 2015, LAPD says" ominously declares the Los Angeles Times headline. But this isn't a surprise to those of us who aren't blinded by the false narratives and fantasy world of the American left. Published January 4, 2016

The bureaucrats' last stand

The new year approaching provides all of us with an important opportunity to reflect and be grateful. Published December 28, 2015

President Barack Obama speaks at the National Counterterrorism Center in McLean, Va., Thursday, Dec. 17, 2015. Joining him, from left are, Vice President Joe Biden, Secretary of State John Kerry, Homeland Security Secretary Jeh Johnson, and FBI Director James Comey. (AP Photo/Pablo Martinez Monsivais)

Why Is Obama making life easier for terrorists?

Imagine there's a horrible mass murder of 130 people and then another one a short time later in another town, with 14 people killed. This innocent collection of moms, dads, sons, daughters, husbands, wives, boyfriends, girlfriends, and best friends murdered as they were eating at a cafe, enjoying a concert with friends and loved-ones or celebrating the holiday season. Published December 21, 2015

Fighting an army of the insane

With the legacy media's obsession with Donald Trump, you may have missed a stunning admission by the White House about their bizarre non-strategy to defeat ISIS: Their policy is being dictated by Koranic prophecy. Published December 14, 2015

How ISIS reached the homeland

ISIS-supporting terrorists launched an attack in San Bernardino, California, last week. While much of the coverage in the aftermath of an assault that murdered 14 people and injured 21 more indicated surprise and shock that Islamic State terror group is here, it shouldn't be a surprise at all. Published December 7, 2015

Confused about the enemy

Since the horrific Paris terror attacks, President Obama and the Democrats want you to think that defending ourselves from Islamic terrorism will only make things worse. Bombing the Islamic State, you see, will make it easier for them to recruit. Published November 23, 2015