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Tammy Bruce

Tammy Bruce

Opinion Columnist — Tammy Bruce, an Independent Conservative, is a radio talk-show host, New York Times’ bestselling author, blogger, Fox News’ on-air political contributor and a columnist at The Washington Times. Ms. Bruce served as president of the Los Angeles chapter of the National Organization for Women (NOW) and worked on several political campaigns as well. Her nationally syndicated talk show, “The Tammy Bruce Show,” ranks number one on TalkStreamLive and her editorials and commentaries on social issues are published nationally and internationally, including The New York Times, Los Angeles Times, USA Today, San Francisco Chronicle, Esquire, and The Advocate. In addition to her media work, Ms. Bruce speaks to a variety of groups nationwide with her speech, “Contrary to Popular Belief: How Conservative Ideas Empower Women, Gays and Blacks.”

Articles by Tammy Bruce

Trump Trama Surgeon Illustration by Greg Groesch/The Washington Times

Shutting down debate: Liberals rely on lies to distract from issues

One of my books is called "The New Thought Police," which describes the vapid left's survival strategy -- shutting down debate and all questioning by declaring anything that does not bow down to the left-wing narrative as racist, sexist and/or homophobic. Published September 29, 2016

Illustration on 800 persons being granted citizenship rather than deportation by Alexander Hunter/The Washington Times

The U.S. immigration system in chaos

Germans proving they're not sheeple are rejecting their mass-immigration-promoting ruling party in elections. The U.S. immigration system, in chaos, "mistakenly" gives citizenship to 800 immigrants ordered deported. Two foreign-born Islamists go on terror rampages in the United States. Published September 21, 2016

Hillary Clinton later said she regretted saying that half of Donald Trump's supporters held racist, xenophobic or other "irredeemable" qualities, though Republicans buoyed by tightening poll numbers say the slip-up will haunt Democrats down the homestretch. (Associated Press)

Hillary Clinton's murky drama

The big political story is, of course, Hillary Clinton's collapse at the Sept. 11 memorial in New York City on Sunday. While her health is a serious matter, the real story is how this debacle happened in the first place and how we learned about it. Published September 14, 2016

Obama will likely become the first ex-president billionaire

Ah, the riches of public service. We are now assured the Obamas will be able to finance their post-White House lives with record-breaking book deals. The New York Times wants you to know that the people fed through the federal government teat for eight years, lavishing upon themselves taxpayer vacations to the tune of tens of millions of dollars, will now have more money thrown at them as they scamper away from the conflagration they're leaving behind. Published September 7, 2016

Chicago Body Count Illustration by Greg Groesch/The Washington Times

Obama's hometown carnage

Reports this week are horrific and yet, not surprising. Chicago has had its most violent month since 1997, with the Chicago Tribune reporting 11 people murdered the last weekend of August. According to USA Today, the murder rate in Chicago has soared 72 percent in 2016. Published September 2, 2016

Gravesite of Main Stream Media Illustration by Greg Groesch/The Washington Times

The legacy media meltdown over Donald Trump

The meltdown of the American legacy media is now complete. Conservatives are sadly aware of the decline of The New York Times, the supposed "newspaper of record," as the benchmark for legacy media in general. Published August 24, 2016

Republican Presidential candidate Donald Trump chats during a campaign stop at the Milwaukee County War Memorial Center in Milwaukee, Wisc., Tuesday, Aug. 16, 2016. (AP Photo/Gerald Herbert)

Manufacturing a Trump loss

No doubt you have noticed the unified messaging strategy between the Democrats and the Legacy Media, wherein GOP presidential nominee Donald Trump has already lost the election. It's an amazing revelation that in mid-August one of the candidates has already been declared a losing loser of -- what is it now -- 49 of the 50 states? Published August 17, 2016

Turning to lies to avoid the economy

The conventions are over, thank goodness. And now we enter the campaign season for the presidency of the United States. The Democrats know they can't win on the issues, so they rely on what they know best: lies, manipulation, distractions and ghoulish cynicism. Published August 2, 2016

Illustration on the Democratic National Convention by Tim Brinton

Chaos at the Democratic National Convention

Cleveland versus Philadelphia. So many predicted a cataclysmic disaster for the Republicans during their convention. Yet, it ended up being an organized, well-run event showcasing the reformation of the Republican Party and propelling Donald Trump to the biggest post-convention bounce for either party since 2000. Published July 27, 2016

Illustration on the relationship between honor killings an Islamist terrorism by Alexander Hunter/The Washington Times

'Honor killings' and Islamic terrorism

The world is in chaos, as Islamic violence is setting the tone with terrorism. Whether it be Orlando or Nice or the Bavarian train slasher, we're all told it was a "lone wolf" transformed into a monster by "radicalization," one of the left's favorite fabricated explanations. Published July 19, 2016

Protesters hold signs during a Black Lives Matter movement protest at Lykes Gaslight Park in downtown Tampa, Fla., Monday, July 11, 2016. (Octavio Jones/Tampa Bay Times via AP)

Charging 'racism' in order to distract

Last year I warned my radio audience that the summer of 2016 would be a summer of race riots. They would be violent. The riots would ostensibly be a reaction to a particular event, but that would be a pretext. The real issue, of course, would be the upcoming presidential election. Published July 13, 2016

Illustration on the Brexit vote. (Alexander Hunter/The Washington Times)

What the British revolt signals

Oh what a difference a break makes. On Thursday, our English cousins across the pond voted to leave the European Union. For some reason, they had enough of unelected bureaucrats issuing rules and regulations ruining their lives and throwing the future in the dustbin. Published June 27, 2016

Obama's foreign policy failure; ISIS far from defeated

For years now the Obama administration has been regaling us with stories of our great success in "degrading and destroying" the Islamic State terror group -- but according to CIA Director John Brennan, nothing could be further from the truth. Published June 20, 2016

No victory for women

Hillary Clinton clinching the Democratic Party nomination isn't a victory for women, it's a betrayal. Published June 13, 2016

A Trump supporter attacked and egged by anti-Trump rioters after a Trump rally in San Jose, Calif. (Associated Press)

Anti-Trump rallies funded by the left

From Chicago to Albuquerque to San Diego, and now last week's obscene riot in San Jose, California, Americans and the world saw supporters of the liberal agenda violently target Trump supporters, peacefully trying to attend a rally, as though they were prey. Published June 6, 2016

American ICBMs Controlled by Atari-era Electronic Systems Illustration by Greg Groesch/The Washington Times

Inefficiency dishonors the troops

On this Memorial Day, as we honor our troops who gave their lives defending freedom, it is worth remembering what makes our freedom so valuable. Every living creature yearns to be free, as it's the foundation to happiness. Published May 30, 2016

Illustration on Democrat misdirection on their record with women by Alexander Hunter/The Washington Times

Real facts about the Democrats' war on women

Why is the Clinton campaign obsessed about spinning what Donald Trump says about women? It's because they're desperate to have you not notice the damage President Obama and the Democratic Party are actually inflicting on women's lives. Published May 23, 2016

This Monday, Aug. 11, 2015, file photo, shows a Target store in Miami. Target is making a stand on the debate around what type of bathrooms transgender people can use. In a statement posted on its company website Tuesday, April 19, 2016, the discounter, based in Minneapolis, said transgender employees and customers can use the restroom or fitting room facility that "corresponds with their gender identity." (AP Photo/Lynne Sladky, File)

The folly of 'inclusive' restrooms

Never did I think the gay civil rights movement would devolve into irrelevant arguments about bathrooms, but here we are. The newest controversy involving Target stores highlights how leftists aren't concerned at all about bathrooms, but about using gay rights as a cudgel with which to punish those who do not pay allegiance or conform to the liberal agenda. Published May 2, 2016