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Tara Wall

Tara Wall

Tara Wall is an award-winning journalist and national political commentator with over 13 years of broadcast news experience that includes extensive investigative education and political reporting. Wall anchors The Washington Times television and radio news reports, writes and produces a regular blog column and video commentary “Tara’s Two Cents” for the WashingtonTimes.com. Her column topics range from administration policy initiatives to faith and family, race relations and the national political landscape. Wall is also editor of TheConservatives.com, a product of The Washington Times. TheConservatives.com is a premiere site highlighting a social network of thought and original writing on issues impacting the conservative movement.

Articles by Tara Wall

WALL: Unequivocal ambiguity

Watching the two presidential candidates court "evangelicals" by way of the Saddleback Church Civil Forum Saturday night was an exercise of perplexing proportions. While both senators clearly have very distinct delivery styles and vastly different approaches to addressing the issues of our day, John McCain undoubtedly restored faith among the faithful. Published August 19, 2008

WALL: Religious freedom on display

Many times we take faith in the public square for granted in United States, particularly when battles erupt over prayer at a high school football game, posting the Ten Commandments on public property, or a professional athlete kneeling in reverence in the end zone. But our misplaced civil "protections" should come into perspective when one considers the lack of religious freedom citizens and even foreign athletes have in China. Published August 12, 2008

WALL: Obama overseas

As Barack Obama galavants across Europe and the Middle East (the senator is in Israel today), John McCain is doing all he can to muster any news coverage whatsoever. Prior to the trip, the senior senator chided Mr. Obama for his failure to visit Iraq for over 900 days (since the surge strategy was implemented), only to criticize his "timing" in doing so now. Published July 22, 2008

WALL: Fatherhood Jesse-style

The statistics are staggering. In 2001, 66 percent of black children were living in a home absent a father (more recent figures now put the number closer to 70 percent). That's double what it was in 1960. Compare that to 27 percent of white children living without a father. Published July 15, 2008

WALL: The ethical lesson of humility

Loudoun County Virginia is booming. As one of the fastest growing counties in the country, new homes and businesses are beginning to pepper the lush farm-like landscape with more people and property. Debates over urban sprawl are plentiful (and all-too-common across the country) as efforts to balance preservation and profit heat up. Published July 8, 2008

WALL: Right to carry?

Ready. Aim, fire, shoot. Bulls-eye! The Supreme Court, in its 5-4 decision last week, hit the mark on the most important gun rights case in the history of the United States. Published July 1, 2008

Op-Ed: Barack's double-talk

Mr. Obama has indicated that his strategy to combat "fear" this election is to incite it himself. Published June 24, 2008

OPINION: Inheritance

When one hears the word "inheritance," it likely conjures up images of young, self-indulgent heirs and heiresses (i.e., the the Hiltons) carelessly finding their way into gossip mags to remind us just "what's wrong" with this narcissistic society. Published June 10, 2008

OPINION: Present-day sex

When did telling kids to wait until marriage to have sex become so taboo? The irony of which can't be lost in this sex-crazed "Sex In The City" society we live in. Carrie and Miranda can casually mix-in talk about oral sex over a martini, but mentioning the A-word (abstinence) sets off alarm bells among the special interests opposed to federally sponsored abstinence education programs. The rhetoric has reached a fever pitch as of late, as Congress weighs whether to re-authorize $190 million to keep the federal Title V abstinence program alive. (It's been extended at least twice since its initial expiration date last year, but is set to expire again on June 30.) Many Democrats have vowed to kill it. The liberal Guttmacher Institute has proclaimed that increasing funding for abstinence-only programs is putting teens "at risk." At risk for what? You better watch out little Suzy, you know what happens when you don't have sex, you might not catch something. Pretty absurd. The same kind of overactive rhetoric these youth activists accuse abstinence groups of. Of course they don't tell you that the government spends about $12 on comprehensive sex ed and contraceptives for every $1 it spends on abstinence education. It's a drop in the bucket compared to spending that gives kids the "green light" to shower together naked. Published June 3, 2008