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EDITORIAL: Academic malpractice

In the recent annals of senatorial vote-buying, there have been the Cornhusker Kickback and the Louisiana Purchase. Now make way for the Bismarck Earmark. Published February 18, 2010

Political Scene

FEDERAL RESERVE: Jobless numbers are expected to stay high. Published February 18, 2010

EDITORIAL: Opus Dei rights itself

Rev. Arne A. Panula, an Opus Dei priest who is director of the Catholic Information Cen -ter in downtown Washington, deserves credit for canceling the Cokie Roberts book signing scheduled for today. In a political city filled with big egos and boastful bigwigs, it takes courage to admit a mistake and correct it. That's what Father Panula did, and in so doing, he showed true leadership and grit. Published February 17, 2010

EDITORIAL: Cheney beats Biden

The Valentine's Day veepstakes between former Vice President Dick Cheney and Joe Biden, the current occupant of the office, illustrates that the Obama White House isn't ready to have a serious discussion about terrorism strategy. Published February 17, 2010

EDITORIAL: Your papers, please

While traffic congestion grows ever worse across the country, Congress continues to divert more than a billion dollars in taxes paid at the gasoline pump to subsidize moneymaking schemes for local governments. This misallocation of resources is a stumbling block not only to our economic prosperity, but also to our freedom. Published February 17, 2010

EDITORIAL: Opus Dei sells out

Local Catholics are in an uproar because the Catholic Information Center is hosting a book signing tomorrow for Cokie Roberts, a notorious dissenter against Catholic moral teaching on abortion, birth control and homosexuality. The TV commentator attacked the partial-birth abortion ban as "cynical game-playing" by pro-lifers and criticized Pope Benedict XVI for "lacking in the theological virtue of charity." Published February 16, 2010

EDITORIAL: Cutting spending in N.J.

President Obama could learn a lot about fiscal responsibility from New Jersey Republican Gov. Chris Christie. The governor is making hard choices to close a $2.2 billion state budget deficit by freezing spending and erasing surpluses to meet current needs. Published February 16, 2010

EDITORIAL: Why liberals are lawyers' puppets

When President Obama and his liberal Democratic allies squeal at the Supreme Court decision allowing corporations to exercise freedom of political speech, somebody should ask them why they aren't as horrified by the enormous campaign expenditures by the one industry that treats liberal politicians like chattel servants. Published February 16, 2010

EDITORIAL: Walpin-gate gets rusty

Lawyers learn early that if they are in danger of losing a case, their best strategy is to delay it. With the help of a friendly judge, that seems to be the Obama administration's strategy in the case of fired AmeriCorps Inspector General Gerald Walpin. It is past time for the case to move forward. Published February 16, 2010

EDITORIAL: Fighting Ecuadorean graft

The Obama administration has made a habit of kowtowing to Latin American leftists. But new information out of Ecuador ought to make the White House finally take a stance against that nation's anti-American regime. Published February 15, 2010

EDITORIAL: Nuclear Iran

Iran has emerged as a nuclear state, and there is nothing the United States can do about it. Published February 15, 2010

EDITORIAL: Gun owners in cross hairs

The gun grabbers are at it again in Maryland. Next month, the state's House Judiciary Committee will initiate hearings on legislation forcing firearms enthusiasts to register with the state government before they can exercise their Second Amendment rights. Published February 12, 2010

EDITORIAL: Sham bipartisanship

Bipartisanship is the word of the hour in Washington, and President Obama's teleprompter seems to be stuck on it. This is nothing new for him. The president came to town promising a new bipartisanship, along with openness, transparency, responsibility and a number of other hopes and changes he immediately dumped overboard. Published February 12, 2010

Volvo celebrates 75th anniversary of storied PV36

Visually different from most of its contemporaries, and totally different from every other Volvo car, the Volvo PV36, perhaps better known as the Carioca, is an exciting chapter in the Volvo history. It is also quite famous in automotive history if you consider how few examples were actually built and by such a small manufacturer like Volvo Car Corp. Published February 12, 2010

EDITORIAL: The stimulus, one year later

It was a year ago this week that Democrats passed a bloated $787 billion package of pet projects ostensibly to try to stimulate the economy. The price tag has crept steadily higher, and the result of so much government spending has been anything but stimulating. Now, Democrats in Congress and the White House are planning more massive spending bills. If there is any hope of a recovery anytime soon, it's important that the stimulus sequel be derailed. Published February 11, 2010

EDITORIAL: Drinking away millions

In light of President Obama's stunningly huge, $3.8 trillion budget proposal for next year, it is worth revisiting the porky sorts of things that have polluted federal outlays in the recent past. The Pork Report, distributed semiregularly by Sen. Tom Coburn, Oklahoma Republican, shows there's plenty of slop in the trough. The following few examples are representative of an endless stream of waste that characterizes government spending in our age of graft and indiscipline. Published February 11, 2010

EDITORIAL: Black Panther-judgeship nexus

The Obama administration's controversial abandonment of a voter-intimidation case against members of the New Black Panther Party is bordering on sinister. Attorney General Eric H. Holder Jr. should appoint a thoroughly independent special counsel to look into the Black Panther case immediately. Published February 11, 2010

EDITORIAL: Global warming snow job

Record snowfall illustrates the obvious: The global warming fraud is without equal in modern science. Published February 11, 2010

EDITORIAL: Rotten to the AmeriCorps

Among the most wasteful of the spending increases hidden in President Obama's 2011 budget proposal is his plan to create an army of government-funded community organizers at the shocking price of $1.4 billion. While the economy reels and many taxpayers are looking for ways to trim their personal spending, the president is demanding a whopping 59 percent boost for the Corporation for National and Community Service and its best-known program, AmeriCorps. It's time to pull the plug on both. Published February 10, 2010

EDITORIAL: Radar love

Are traffic tickets designed to improve road safety or boost revenue? On Tuesday, the Virginia House of Delegates took a historic first step by voting to dump the commonwealth's ban on radar detectors. No other state in the nation prohibits the use of devices that warn drivers when radar or laser speed guns are in use. The District is the only other jurisdiction that insists on continuing the electronic equivalent of having cops hide in the bushes. Published February 10, 2010