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EDITORIAL: Economy on the brink

President Obama declared Wednesday that "we have stepped back from the brink." Who knows what numbers brought him to that conclusion. Published June 1, 2009

EDITORIAL: Subsidized Shariah

Does Timothy F. Geithner support jihad? Of course not. But the Treasury secretary on Tuesday lost a major round of a court case in which a taxpayer argues that government ownership of the insurance giant American International Group Inc. amounts to an unconstitutional government "establishment" of Islam. Published June 1, 2009

EDITORIAL: Middle East fertility wars

What does Hillary Rodham Clinton have against Jewish babies? Last week, the secretary of state issued a demarche to Tel Aviv stating that Washington "wants to see a stop to [West Bank] settlements - not some settlements, not outposts, not natural-growth exceptions." Published June 1, 2009

EDITORIAL: Questions about Kagan

U.S. Solicitor General Elena Kagan is reported to be on the short list to replace Justice David Souter on the Supreme Court. If she were a Republican on the short list for a court opening, Senate Democrats would move heaven and Earth to turn a 1996 contretemps into a major scandal. On the evidence so far, such a political hit job would not be fair. What is fair, though, is to insist that not all the evidence is in, and to demand more answers. Published May 26, 2009

EDITORIAL: Poetic justice

American radicals had no trouble dodging their duty and crossing into Canada in the Vietnam era, but as radical William Ayers recently learned, our northern neighbor seems to have learned its lesson. Published May 26, 2009

EDITORIAL: Lost in space

It's a little late for a "Danger, Will Robinson" warning. The United States has a serious security problem in cyberspace. The government thinks more bureaucracy is the answer. It isn't. Published May 26, 2009

EDITORIAL: Remembering our heroes

By a coincidence of the calendar, our military academies hold their annual graduation ceremonies on or about Memorial Day weekend. The juxtaposition is especially poignant if you visit a service academy on graduation weekend. Published May 25, 2009