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Tom Knott

Tom Knott

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Tom Knott: Throw these bums out?

The Nationals have not been evicted from the taxpayers' ballpark yet, with their belongings strewn about on Half Street. Published August 27, 2008

Tom Knott: Long-term vision rings true

Jerry Colangelo's three-year commitment and team-bonding exercises facilitated the gold medal procession of the U.S. basketball team at the Beijing Games. Published August 25, 2008

No pretense, no verbiage, just numbers

Art Monk was neither flashy nor egomaniacal, two traits that seemingly define many of the leading wide receivers in the NFL today. Published August 1, 2008

Tom Knott: Games can't alter the truth

That China believed it could use the Olympics to showcase its advances was a farfetched notion from the outset, in the company of Hitler believing he could use the Berlin Games in 1936 to highlight the superiority of the Aryan race. Some showcase. Published July 18, 2008

Tom Knott: Guilty of a comeback

Dara Torres is guilty until proven innocent, and even then she just still might be guilty, as we learned from the sniffling Marion Jones and the rest of her BALCO-fueled cheats. Published July 7, 2008