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Tom Knott

Tom Knott

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Tom Knott: Arenas in shadow of doubt

Gilbert Arenas, the part-time doctor, trainer and player-coach of the Wizards, has cleared himself to play this weekend. Published March 25, 2009

Say no to T.O.

Tom Knott: Don't give into temptation with Owens. Published March 6, 2009

Tom Knott: In NBA, thinking long-term is answer

Joe Dumars took a liking to Allen Iverson's $21 million largesse that comes off the team's books after the season and ended up scuttling the Pistons' season. Published March 4, 2009

Tom Knott: Rodriguez offers only dumb logic

Alex Rodriguez said he should have gone to college because then he would not have become "young and dumb" at age 25, when he started using performance-enhancing drugs with the Texas Rangers. Published February 20, 2009