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Valerie Richardson

Valerie Richardson

Valerie Richardson covers politics and the West from Denver. She can be reached at [email protected].

Articles by Valerie Richardson

Abortion issue looms over high court fight

President Obama managed to avoid a full-scale eruption over abortion politics with his first Supreme Court nominee, but he probably won't get that lucky twice. Published April 22, 2010

Ariz. bill cracks down on suspected aliens

Arizona lawmakers are on the cusp of approving one of the toughest measures against illegal immigration in the nation by expanding the authority of local police to check the status of individuals suspected of being in the country unlawfully. Published April 15, 2010

Backers fight for Sioux logo

Hours after the state Board of Higher Education decided to retire the Fighting Sioux name last Thursday, fans of the nickname emerged in full backlash mode. Published April 15, 2010

Judge rules academic writings not protected

Mike Adams isn't exactly the most popular guy on campus. He's an outspoken conservative Christian who cried discrimination when his department refused to promote him to full professor and slapped the University of North Carolina at Wilmington with a lawsuit. Published April 15, 2010

Governor's race could be about illegals

Thirteen years after a federal judge struck down California's Proposition 187, the 1994 initiative banning social services for illegal immigrants, the measure has resurfaced as a top issue in the state's Republican gubernatorial primary. Published April 12, 2010

Amazon flexes muscle in sales-tax fight, the nation's largest online retailer, is waging a bare-knuckles campaign over sales-tax proposals pushed by cash-strapped state legislatures eager to tap into the lucrative online market. Published March 23, 2010

Colo. Catholic school rejects gay parents' children

Tensions between the Catholic Church and the gay community have erupted in Colorado after a Catholic school's decision to deny enrollment next year to the children of a lesbian couple. Published March 10, 2010

Compromise on greater sage grouse

Back in Colorado, Interior Secretary Ken Salazar was known as a master of the artful compromise, and his recent ruling on the greater sage grouse showed he hasn't lost his touch. Published March 8, 2010

End near for Fighting Sioux mascot?

The end of the Fighting Sioux could be near as the University of North Dakota appears ready to abandon its mascot over calls of racism despite a petition drive by local tribe members to preserve the school's nickname and logo. Published February 17, 2010

Hayworth to battle 'moderate' McCain

After coming within a few million votes of the presidency, John McCain is suddenly facing the toughest re-election fight of his nearly 24-year Senate career. Published February 15, 2010

Moderate Republicans crash tea party

"Tea party" Republicans aren't the only candidates poised to make inroads this year - moderate Republicans are surging from Illinois to California, and in several instances proving they can best tea-party-powered conservatives at the polls. Published February 11, 2010

Prop. 8 trial stirs questions, emotions

The trial on the federal constitutionality of California's Proposition 8, the same-sex marriage ban, has been in many respects a tale of two trials. The question is, which trial was U.S. District Court Judge Vaughn Walker watching? Published February 8, 2010

Cash-strapped states avoid word 'taxes'

Faced with severe budget shortfalls after a steep economic recession, state legislatures and governors are trying to raise money without raising taxes — at least not technically. Published February 3, 2010

U.S. raises $500 million for Haiti

Even when money's tight, Americans can be counted on to lend a hand in the midst of a disaster, as witnessed by the U.S. response to the devastation wrought by the Haiti earthquake. Published January 27, 2010

Fight on right enlivens Utah Senate race

On the list of endangered congressional incumbents this year, Sen. Robert F. Bennett is one of the last names you'd expect to see. Yet Mr. Bennett is in trouble, according to both the polls and the prevailing political winds, which are blowing from the right. Published January 25, 2010

Haiti appeal from Planned Parenthood hit

Pro-life groups are accusing Planned Parenthood of taking advantage of the humanitarian catastrophe in Haiti to promote a pro-choice agenda. Published January 22, 2010