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Valerie Richardson

Valerie Richardson

Valerie Richardson covers politics and the West from Denver. She can be reached at [email protected].

Articles by Valerie Richardson

Denver mayor aims for open governor's seat

Denver Mayor John Hickenlooper jumped into the Colorado governor's race Tuesday, an unsurprising decision that immediately made him the Democratic Party's presumptive nominee. Published January 13, 2010

Cameras blocked at Prop 8 trial

The Supreme Court on Monday temporarily blocked a federal judge's decision to allow cameras in the courtroom during the trial on the constitutionality of California's same-sex-marriage ban. Published January 12, 2010

Salazar won't run for Colo. governor

DENVER | Interior Secretary Ken Salazar announced Thursday he won't run for Colorado governor in 2010 and instead threw his support behind Denver Mayor John Hickenlooper for the job. Published January 8, 2010

Colo. governor won't seek 2nd term

UPDATED: Colorado Democratic Gov. Bill Ritter announced Wednesday that he will not seek a second term, saying he wanted to spend more time with his wife, Jeanne, and four children. Published January 6, 2010

Gay-marriage foes slam plans to televise Prop 8 trial

Supporters of traditional marriage are outraged over a California judge's efforts to bring television cameras into court next week to cover a trial challenging Proposition 8, California's initiative against gay marriage. Published January 6, 2010

Feisty Pombo will run again

Former Rep. Richard Pombo, the feisty California Republican known for his black cowboy hats and his epic battles with environmentalists, announced Tuesday that he will run again for Congress. Published January 6, 2010

Drug skeptics fear Colorado going to pot

When Colorado voters passed an amendment in 2000 allowing medical marijuana use, it was not clear that they were giving the go-ahead to launch hundreds of over-the-counter pot shops across the state. Yet that's the reality. Published January 4, 2010

Retailers judged naughty or nice on Christmas theme

The Gap is naughty, Target is nice, and Dick's Sporting Goods is a little of both, according to results of Focus on the Family's Stand for Christmas project, which invites shoppers to evaluate retailers based on Christmas-friendliness. Published December 24, 2009

Balloon-boy hoax parents get jail terms

The Fort Collins, Colo., parents behind the balloon-boy hoax received short jail sentences for falsely reporting that their young son had floated off in a homemade balloon in order to gain publicity for a reality television show. Published December 24, 2009

'Balloon boy's' parents get jail time

The mastermind of the "balloon boy" hoax, Richard Heene, was sentenced Wednesday to 90 days in jail for his role in triggering an international panic by falsely reporting that his son had floated off in a balloon. Published December 23, 2009

Colo. court upholds tax privacy for illegals

The Colorado Supreme Court ruled that authorities violated the constitutional privacy rights of suspected undocumented workers when they seized their tax records in an identity-theft investigation. Published December 15, 2009

Colo. court upholds illegals' privacy rights

The Colorado Supreme Court ruled Monday that authorities violated the constitutional privacy rights of illegal immigrants when they seized their tax records in an identify-theft investigation, a decision that infuriated illegal-immigration foes. Published December 14, 2009

University of Colorado bans Nerf guns

Shortly after Colorado State University voted to ban firearms, the University of Colorado decided to get rid of simulated toy weapons. Published December 11, 2009

Abortion re-emerges as top issue

Those who remember the 1980s must be experiencing deja vu: Meryl Streep is the toast of Hollywood, Michael Jackson's latest release debuted at the top of the charts, and abortion is the hot-button political topic in Washington. Published December 8, 2009

Tancredo rouses gun rights advocates

DENVER | Former Rep. Tom Tancredo, best known for his tough stand in Congress against illegal immigration, has taken up a new cause since his retirement from the House last year: defending American gun owners against international treaties. Published December 4, 2009

Delayed Pap test proposal, breast cancer report fuel health fight

A leading medical group added new fuel to a budding health care controversy on Friday by recommending that women delay their first cervical-cancer screening until age 21 instead of starting the test three years after becoming sexually active. Published November 21, 2009