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The Football Association of the People's Republic of China (Simplified Chinese: 中国足球协会; Traditional Chinese: 中國足球協會; pinyin: Zhōngguó Zúqiú Xiéhuì), or commonly known as the Chinese Football Association (CFA), is the governing body of football in the People's Republic of China. Original formed in Beijing during 1924 the association would affiliate itself with FIFA in 1931 before relocating to Taiwan following the end of Chinese Civil War (see Chinese Taipei Football Association). Re-established during 1955 in Beijing once again the CFA would not affiliate itself with any other major association until it joined the Asian Football Confederation in 1974 and then with FIFA once more in 1979. Since rejoining FIFA the CFA have been a non-governmental, nonprofit organization despite being associated with the Chinese General Administration of Sport. - Source: Wikipedia

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