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Topic - Election Commission

An Electoral Commission or Election Commission is an election management body, in charge of overseeing the implementation of election procedures:*Australia: Australian Electoral Commission*Bangladesh: Bangladesh Election Commission*Belize: Belize Elections and Boundaries Commission*Brazil: Supreme Electoral Court (Brazil)*Colombia: National Electoral Council (Colombia)*Ghana: Electoral Commission of Ghana*Guyana:Guyana Elections Commission*Hong Kong: Electoral Affairs Commission*India: Election Commission of India*Iraq: Independent Electoral Commission of Iraq*Liberia: National Election Commission (Liberia)*Malaysia: Election Commission of Malaysia*Mexico: Federal Electoral Institute*Nepal: Election Commission of Nepal*New Zealand: Electoral Commission (New Zealand)*Pakistan: Election Commission of Pakistan*Poland: Państwowa Komisja Wyborcza (National Electoral Commission)*Philippines: Commission on Elections (Philippines)*Thailand: Election Commission (Thailand)*Ukraine: Central Election Commission of Ukraine*United Kingdom: Electoral Commission (United Kingdom)*United States:**Election Assistance Commission, administers Federal elections and establishing standards for State and local governments**Electoral Commission (United States), created solely to resolve the disputed 1876 presidential election**Federal Election Commission, regulates campaign finance legislation*Zimbabwe: Zimbabwe Electoral Commission - Source: Wikipedia

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