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Harold is an Old English name, meaning "heroic leader", same as the title herald. Diminutives of Harold are Harry and Hal.*Several kings of Denmark, England and Norway were named Harald or Harold*Harold (d. 1168), child martyr and saint*Harold Arroyo, Puerto Rican boxer*Harold Bloom, American literary critic*Harold Craxton (1885–1971), British composer and pianist*Harold Faltermeyer (b. 1952 as Harold Faltermeier), German musician*Harold Ford, Jr. (D) U.S. Congressman, candidate for U.S. Senate*Harold Holt, Australian Prime Minister*Harold Houser, American admiral and 35th Governor of American Samoa*Harold La Borde, Trinidadian circumnavigator*Harold Lloyd, American film actor*Harold Macmillan, British Prime Minister *Harold Norse, American poet*Harold Perrineau, American actor*Harold Pinter (1930–2008), British playwright*Harold Wellman (1909-1999), New Zealand geologist *Harold Wilson, British Prime Minister