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The Iraqi Accord Front or Iraqi Accordance Front (Arabic: جبهة التوافق العراقية Jabahat al-Tawafuq) also known as Tawafuq is an Iraqi Sunni-Islamist political coalition created on October 26, 2005 to contest the December 2005 general election. As a large section of Iraq's Sunnis are composed by the populous Kurds, situated in northern Iraq and locally autonomous, the party's members are mostly Arab, and as such, its political efforts have largely been focused on protecting this community's interests as opposed to Iraq's non-Sunni population. In the 2005 election, its platform called for ending the US occupation of Iraq, revision of the new Iraqi constitution, repeal of the de-Baathification laws that had cost many Sunnis their government jobs and the restoration of the Iraqi Army, which was dissolved after the US overthrow of Saddam Hussein and which had a Sunni dominated officer corps. Despite this, the party has maintained that it is non-secular, even though the Ba'ath Party contained many prominent non-Sunnis. - Source: Wikipedia

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