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Marsalis Music is a Cambridge, Massachusetts-based record label founded in 2002 by saxophonist Branford Marsalis, one of the most celebrated jazz musicians of the past 30 years. The label was formed to allow Marsalis and other musicians to document their music free of the commercial constraints imposed by other record labels. Marsalis Music has issued 27 compact discs, three DVDs, and one deluxe 180-gram high definition double LP vinyl, drawing from a roster that includes Marsalis and his quartet, the bands of Miguel Zenón, Doug Wamble, Claudia Acuña, Joey Calderazzo and (for instrumental music only) Harry Connick, Jr. All of the label’s artists have substantially expanded upon their performances with lectures, clinics and other presentations designed to bring players and listeners more directly into the music. Vocalist Claudia Acuña is the most recent signing, and released her first disc, En Este Momento, on the label in 2009. - Source: Wikipedia

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