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Pryor is a surname, which can refer to:*Anduele Pryor, Dutch football player*Arthur Pryor, American trombonist and bandleader*Cactus Pryor, Texan humorist and broadcaster*David Pryor, former U.S. Senator from Arkansas, father of Mark Pryor*Francis Pryor, British archaeologist*Greg Pryor, American baseball player*Marina Prior, Australian singer whose name is often misspelled as "Pryor"*Mark Pryor, U.S. Senator from Arkansas*Michael Pryor, Australian author*Richard Pryor, US comedian, actor, writer*Roger Pryor, Virginia secessionist and New York state judge*Snooky Pryor, Afro-American blues musician*Terrelle Pryor, American football player*The fictional Pryor family from American Dreams - Source: Wikipedia

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