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Wada can refer to:* Wada (和田), a Japanese family name** Wada Yoshimori (1147-1213), a samurai of the Kamakura Period** Akiko Wada, a Japanese singer** Kazuhiro Wada, a Japanese baseball player** Kaoru Wada, a Japanese singer and composer** Kōji Wada, a Japanese singer and songwriter** Yōichi Wada, a Japanese executive (CEO of Square Enix)** Yoshihiko Wada, a Japanese artist* A number of Japanese towns, including** Wada, Chiba** Wada, Nagano* Wada (house), a type of mansion in Western India* WOHS, a radio station (1390 AM) licensed to Shelby, North Carolina, United States, which held the call sign WADA until 1984, and from 1985 to 2010* Lakes of Wada in mathematics, including the Wada property and Wada basins* Wada was a ruler of Hälsingland* Wada (ethnic group), a Sudanese ethnic minority* Wada test, a test used to establish which cerebral functions are localised to which brain hemisphere* Weighted Average Daily Attendance, in Texas, a system for determining state payments to local school districts* World Anti-Doping Agency - Source: Wikipedia

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