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RB Roy Helu’s quick feet give him an edge over Ryan Torain behind the Redskins‘ porous line. Helu got three yards out of almost nothing on third-and-3 in the fourth quarter because of his reflexes. He juked a defensive lineman in the backfield and then eluded two tacklers on the edge by cutting back inside. He turned a potential loss into a first down by himself.

It’s always dangerous to say the running back missed a cutback lane when you don’t know the play design or the running back’s read, but I’m particularly interested to know if Torain could have done something differently on his 1-yard gain in the middle of the second quarter.

Miami’s defensive line stemmed twice before the snap as TE Fred Davis went in motion. Whether that affected the Redskins, I’m not sure. The offensive line moved left off the ball, and there appeared to be room to run through the backside. RT Sean Locklear got to ILB Karlos Dansby, and Davis came against the grain to cut down DE Jason Taylor on the backside. However, I wonder if Torain didn’t take it because he saw Kendall Langford work back to RG Chris Chester’s right shoulder.

Who is to blame there is difficult to know for sure. What’s obvious is that the Redskins can’t run against anyone right now.

• The Redskins rushed 16 times for 61 yards, and 21 of those yards came on a meaningless final play of the game. 

Miami had only six or seven men in the box on 11 rushes; the Redskins averaged only 3.18 yards on those carries. That’s stunning. If defenses can stop your run with only seven in the box, you have no chance. And, well, the Redskins currently have no chance.

QB Rex Grossman dropped back to pass 35 times.

On the 17 dropbacks Miami rushed four or fewer defenders, he was 10-of-16 for 74 yards, 2 interceptions and a sack; a passer rating of 33.9.

On the 18 dropbacks Miami rushed five or more, he was 11-of-16 for 141 yards and 2 sacks; a passer rating of 96.1.

TE Logan Paulsen sold the fake well on his 16-yard reception. While the offense ran play action, he stayed in his stance for an extra count after the snap. The defense appeared to lose him long enough for him to get open for a first down.

• Maybe I’m missing something, but I can’t remember the last time I saw a Redskins lineman throw a cut block on a stretch play. That’s definitely worth following up on this week.