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  • LETTER TO THE EDITOR: What Kerry 'diplomacy' will bring

    What message has the Obama administration sent to the world by appointing to America's most important diplomatic position a pair of Democratic politicos best known for their losing presidential bids? Bluntly put, the message is that competence and achievement don't matter; only ideology and partisan politics do. This is a perception borne out by the bungling diplomatic performance of both Secretary of State John F. Kerry and former Secretary of State Hillary Rodham Clinton ("John Kerry's folly at Israel's peril," Commentary, July 24).

  • Frank Gaffney on Obama nuclear plan: Sheer 'lunatic fringe'

    Security think tank analyst Frank Gaffney had harsh words of criticism for President Obama's plan to draw down U.S. nuclear arsenals, calling it "lunatic fringe, leftist stuff" that will jeopardize the safety of the world.

  • **FILE** In this photo taken Dec. 7, 2010, former Defense Secretary Robert M. Gates pins Combat Infantry badges on soldiers at Forward Operating Base Connolly in Kunar Province, Afghanistan. (Associated Press)

    Gates' tenure successful, contradictory

    Defense Secretary Robert M. Gates leaves office Thursday popular with the liberal Washington establishment, but not so with conservatives chafed by his budget cutting and his enthusiastic support for open gays in the ranks.

  • Flanked by physicist Edward Teller (left) and Lt. Gen. James A. Abrahamson, director of the Strategic Defense Initiative, President Reagan arrives to address a conference marking the first five years of the SDI program on March 14, 1988, in Washington. (Associated Press)

    Reagan the commander in chief of rearming

    When Ronald Reagan took office in 1981, he inherited a broken all-volunteer military force, still reeling from the traumas of the post-Vietnam era. When he left the White House eight years later, he left the nation a well-equipped, highly professional military on which the country has depended for three decades.

  • Sen. Jon Kyl, Arizona Republican, viewed as a key Senate arms-control specialist, is opposed to a hasty Senate vote on the New START treaty with Russia. (Associated Press)

    Senate GOP divided on treaty vote during lame-duck session

    Senate Republicans are at odds over whether to postpone a vote on ratification of the New START arms treaty, or bow to White House pressure and vote by the end of the year.

  • **FILE** R. James Woolsey Jr. (Associated Press)

    Shariah a danger to U.S., security pros say

    A panel of national security experts who worked under Republican and Democratic presidents is urging the Obama administration to abandon its stance that Islam is not linked to terrorism, arguing that radical Muslims are using Islamic law to subvert the United States.

  • Inside the Beltway

    It's new for the stack of stuff to be read on those long, thoughtful autumnal nights. And it's free.

  • SLASHING COSTS: Defense Secretary Robert M. Gates is looking for ways to save money. (Associated Press)

    Pentagon to cut out big-war funds

    The Pentagon has begun a new hunt for cost savings that likely will lead to scaling back big-war weapons systems in favor of funding smaller conflicts typified by Iraq and Afghanistan.

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  • Former Pentagon official Frank Gaffney said releasing the spies so quickly prevented full learning about Moscow's influence operations and its targets.

    Spy swap puts halt to fact finding →

  • The administration was either trying to prevent damage to U.S.-Russia relations by making the swap, or the administration wanted to avoid disclosures about Russian influence targets and their ties to people like Mrs. Clinton, Mr. Gaffney said.

    Spy swap puts halt to fact finding →

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